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Okay kids here is the big one. This thing took me close to 20 hours to finish up! Done all in pencils and all the designs are mine obviously.Hope you like it! If you wanna go look at a bigger version, just copy and paste this link :
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The Raging Spaniard Okay kids here is the big one. This thing took me close to 20 hours to finish up! Done all in pencils and all the designs are mine obviously.Hope you like it! If you wanna go look at a bigger version, just copy and paste this link :
Tom 2004-09-17 14:51:41 thats really awesome! 20 hours!? respect! great detail and design. Only the left ( for us right ) nipple of the monster is a bit off :P ( oh my god, wheres he looking at? )
ukkie 2004-09-17 18:09:13 Well I can imagine this piece of art cost you 20 hours to make ^_^ I think you should outline the figures even thicker, to make the difference between the front and background even bigger. Because like bloodyspasm said, you're eyes start to hurt if you try to look at all the details ^_~ Very nice pic ^_^
AIKUZA 2004-09-17 21:19:23 I think the way you outlined it from thickest lines (in the front) to thinner lines (in the background) is just fine. This way, depth is created better. What I do find strange yet fun about this art, is that different artstyles have been used on characters. 20 hours in one day or spread out over a few days? Coloured version would be nice, but I know that's a job that reveals out the lazyness :). It's a good art and a very good practice to make a detailed scene with story and full background. I just kinda agree with Azzraw about your attitude, I think she meant this as well>"Okay kids here is the big one". It's a good art, but you shouldn't brag about it.
The Raging Spaniard 2004-09-17 21:41:22 No, azzraw was referring to some forum stuff. If you read more closely my intro. to both of my previous pieces youll see that me referring to this piece as "the big one" is not because of whatever quality I consider it to have but because its the most important piece I have done in months. So its not bragging, it just denotes me reaching a goal in an individual basis.Oh, and I use the term "kids" in everyday stuff, so theres nothing behind that either. Ah, the 20 or so hours was spread out in about a week or so. Thanks for the comments :)
Heartless-night 2004-09-17 23:47:35 dam!!!!!! good job whit this one.....^^
ricepuppet 2004-09-18 07:02:30 When you consider colouring it, paint it black, that would makethe picture more alive.
Marius 2004-09-18 15:56:44 Wow, very detailed! (yes, i'm like the gazillionst person saying that) You put a lot of little jokes (as well as effort) in there! ^_^ Respect :)
TheDarkHell 2004-09-20 13:31:52 woowww great detail every where ^^ man i just love your background its just perfect, its just bloody amezing ^^
Solin 2004-09-20 15:09:56 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW So much detail! But this one is Just F*cking GREAT!KEEP this work!
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Random art
heh, once again not sure about the rating.  But I like to play it safe, so...yeah ;^^  Let's see, I tried a WAY different coloring style than usual, just to experiment a bit.  I s'pose I like it alright, but it took soooo much longer @_@  *dies*  ah wells.  Can't think of much else to say.  Crit/comment away!
messing around with my tablet some more... it's a flaming dragon, there's some lightning action in the mouth. C&C welcome
a fearsom dark angel who will destroy any who stands in her way. shes also an early character of mine^-^
urm i gav eit a background ^^
done in 2b pencil at first. coloured using adobe photoshop CS2
A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
LM MENTS page 4
~Fun in the Water~

My 1st post here! :D

I wanted to do a scene with hot sand dunes, cold water, and a hot bikini babe in DOAX style, and this is what came out. Takes a lot of patience to make water look like water, and I am still not sure about the splashing bits because creating that in 3D was a bit of exausting. Here I tried some rather challenging light and water effects, where in the end greenish water somehow looked better than bluish. ^_^  This tropical oasis attracts some odd animals, but nothing that will keep Hiromi (here in DOAX cosplay) from having fun in the water! :D

Thanks for coming by!

* AnimeDoll by MayaX
* DOAX Swimsuits by Riddokun
* Hiromi custom CR2 for AD by Ken1171
this is another drawing of me. Hope you like it.
This is me.

It's ca. 5-7 hour work XD

I hope you like it^^
Hello everyone i am new and i finished manga now, please take care about my manga is not very good Make comment please and help. make love not war peace
Another random doodle dump XD
well..this one...i sketch it during my lecture class....huhu.
(<.>)what a mess..........
An inverted version of Eden/Saint Vanity, I just experimented and I thought this looked interesting. Chalk style look. (HB pencil, inverted)