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Solin ^_^
Solin 2004-09-12 13:06:51 thanks ^_^
gothqueen 2004-09-12 16:33:29 Agree about the hair, it should be different thickness, but I know how hard that can be to draw. Nice pic
Solin 2004-09-12 19:01:26 thank you all !
Nightwind 2004-09-14 11:23:16 soo cool I like love the hair and the face expression ^^
WOLF 2004-10-16 08:14:53 wow.. i like shoes!!!
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Random art
And yet another cyber arizes!! it the sister of the pink one i drew a few weeks ago^^ hope you like her^^

xies to he fans
This is TATSUO (竜夫) one of new character in MICHINORI
yukinori asuka
I like to bite odd things, so I decided to draw this. =3
Kisuke Urahara by Tite Kubo, Bleach
a dude
Sunflower Girl

using Copic Markers
A sketchy fan-art of Haruko Haruhara from FLCL. She's pretty damn cool.
let me know what you think
Yeah, the finished version of the Gaia comission. Legs came out kinda plain but otherwise better than usually.
A drawing for a competition themed 'Medieval' I know her body is too short :(

hamid ghalijari
Feyru running from... something XD She;s not so sure either.
This is my Kitten Angel ^^ based on my character in Ragnarok. I made it for a good friend of mine who gave me a gift in game (Kitty Band) and always calles me an angel because he likes me so much. It isn't finished yet, but please comment it :D
***ok... here is the deal...  Saki doesn't have a scanner at her house, so all her images are on my computer (I'm Sydney... you might know me as lady_yuna...) so I'm gonna upload some- times....***  This is just a few chibi's, mostly of Shiro. Enjoy, AND COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! ^^