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I didn't intend to post this one, but ukkie asked me, so here it is. It's Daniel Radcliffe, the ctor that plays Harry Potter
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gothqueen I didn't intend to post this one, but ukkie asked me, so here it is. It's Daniel Radcliffe, the ctor that plays Harry Potter
AIKUZA 2004-09-09 19:07:10 Looks very good and realistic. But his collar of his shirt looks unnatural and weird in shape. And 1 eyebraw/eye is longer than the other one. And his left ear (our right) is sticking out more than the other one. Good atempt drawing mister Potter. And it worked out pretty good for the rest.
ukkie 2004-09-10 15:40:17 Yay you uploaded it! ^_^ I just finished reading book 5! :D Really good drawing, this one, though I do agree with sameu642 that his shirt could use some work :)
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Done in colored pencils, black marker and ink pen
What do you think?
C & C please <3 thanx
dis one is an acetate artwork.damn!!!!it really cost me lot and took me 3 weeks in the making but its worth it i've sold this piece for php 30k to a friend.some of you maybe familliar with this pic 'cause ive just made a xerox from the original
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A picture I drew for a friend. I wanted to draw some sort of monster with an exoskeleton type skull lol so I did.
This is the main character of the my webcomic.  My friend called this picture "Introspective."
the discription in the drawing says:

Tell me we'll go here sometimes.

just the two of us.
I made some random circles and then i tried to draw weird animals in should try it.
My version and vision of sagitariuos zodiac sign. the most beautiful and powerful of all (yes, i was born under sagitariuos =P LOL ) even i can beleive how good this one turn out to be!. -------- What i like: the colors are sooooooo pretty they are bright but not shocking to the eyes, the shadows are ok (not very good but just fine), but what i like the most is the fact that looks dynamic!!!! which for me is a big achievement ^-^. --------- Now what i dont like: those freaking ribs looks good but the navel is just wrong!!!!! i just could place it in the right spot **sob**, i also dont like the hair design .... it looks odd to the rest of the body design .... oh well, but i still think it is one of best pics ever!. Comment are welcome ^-^ <3
Just practicing (do you write it like this??) some effects and I like the outcome ^^
It's colored !! Hope you like it.His name is aki. i found it on an japanese namelist ^^. it means bright ? dunno ..I like his scarf *hehe*
Cool quest picture that I drew for a friend on
The wolf was drawn by me and the guy was drawn by MatthewMolko. I coloured the picture using photoshop, matthew helped me colour the guys face. ^^