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Well some sort of angel.. hehe.. this is one of my latest artworks.. hope you like it.. ^^
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CynikSama Well some sort of angel.. hehe.. this is one of my latest artworks.. hope you like it.. ^^
AIKUZA 2004-09-05 20:34:07 The coloring style and concept are done really nice. Her nose and mouth should be a little more to the right, or her left eye (our right) could be more to the left. If you imagine her dress away, her thighs look really thin. The part where the upperleg comes out of the body, should be closer. Wait a minue, I see now. The MAIN problem is her butt sticking out. If you remove that, the pic will be a lot better believe me. So I meant the butt part above the hands. Remove that all, cause the that's her lowerback with a bump on it ;). And the butterfly in the bottom looks kinda plain compared to the others. But besides these critics, your art is really cool :D
CynikSama 2004-09-05 20:51:35 hmm.. thnx for al you critic tips.. i'll work on it.. i'm just a beginner . *blushes* but thnx allot
WOLF 2004-09-06 14:47:57 yeaa.. its great coloring.. but the head is a bit too big but it still looks so awesome^_^;
Nightwind 2004-09-07 11:55:18 cool! like naneko said I think the head's a ittle big Or out of place but i like it lots!
gothqueen 2004-09-07 14:16:05 Beautiful wings
CynikSama 2004-09-19 11:35:30 thnx for all your comments *wink*
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a drawing for my friend. I'm working on a background.. any suggestions???
This is the character that represents my close friend.
wasting time on class I made this sketch on my notebook
ive been working on my comic frozen for a while as a hobby and backtracked multiple times... so today i was looking at my art from the past and actually noticed a difference tho there doesnt seem to be one between this year and last. so i took one of my characters named red01 and made a comparison thru a timeline
i drew this 4 my cusin she wanted to have her bedroom in leperd print and asked me to design a character  her so i felt abloyged ^-^. i hope u like it too!!
I just got my tablet and 50% of the pic is made by the tablet... i was just fooling around with photoshop i drawed my old my old self tihihi ^^
A poster I made for the 2006 Dutch anime convention called Abunai, to promote our Doujinshi HADAKA.
This is the censored version... but still pretty sexy I think!
got really bored tonight, so I sketched a pic of me cuddling a big teddy bear for no apparent reason xD hehe
first of all: the head is really far to big compared to the body :S

the hand most in front is kinda big too...but i especially made this for training my coloring, witch is getting better and better.
now i still have to learn the proportions...witch is very hard for me somehow :S

but i like the outcome, no matter the proportions ^^

i made this work with pastel by the way..i just <3 pastel ;)
characters from my own project called Aesir. 
It's been a while since I've uploaded something here...Still getting a bit used to everything.
About the picture;There are still some typical anatomy related mistakes, and the composition is tiny bit off. Done with Neopiko fineliners and Touch Twin markers.

Anyway, hope you like!
Doodlething. As quick and effortless as this is, it's STILL better than 99% of all Edge fanart on dA- no, the entire frackin' interweb. Which is SAD, 'cause this isn't too great. 8D As I said to Blad, all the ff4 fanarts that exist are a kabillion Rydias and Kain looking emo a lot. NOBODY CARES, NEEDS MOAR EDGE.
Its been a while hasnt it...Anyways, this is a Chariciture of my girlfriend Sarah. didnt feel like coloring it though, oh well. enjoy!
Dustin C.
concept character Taru, it's a boy actually, but I think it looks like a girl :(