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Happy color girl! ^_~ Suggestions are welcome
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Solin Happy color girl! ^_~ Suggestions are welcome
MatthiusMonkey 2004-08-27 22:46:37 wooo cool solin u got better ^^ lovley coloring
Solin 2004-08-28 09:37:26 whit Suggestions i mean what's wrong ore what can be bether....
WOLF 2004-08-29 19:55:46 wow i really like it! good job.. maybe a bit more shadow on her face and its furrfect ;P
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Random art
Finally done. It's my "Thanks for 10,000 views" for my deviantart. I took out the writing for uploading it here though.
This is a drawing of one of my main characters in my manga.
Something old I never finished ^^
Just trying to think up some first pages to start my manga. This is my first concept for a first page, Although I didn't know what I was drawing untill it was done XD No clue what their saying either... I will probably draw more opening pages so that I can pick one I like. Anyway I hope it looks somewhat decent and enjoy?
I did this as a concept drawing of the idea for the main character in the 4th MWS collab deal. Soo enjoy xD
I should have quit while i was ahead......................................
This i a recreation of the FF character Yuffie.
Upload a new version!!! But still WIP.

C&C welcome.
This is a ...uh... sexy girl in her office. i just doodled the BG, you can kill me if you wish :3
C&C are allowed n_n
Still working on the shading and stuf... but feeling tired now so, just wanted to upload it already, because it's near finished anyway and there wont be any big changes, so I hope you guys like it
Keeper of time.

I spot problems with his Arm and shoulder
Hi, just made a quick sketch of this, still working on arms and legs though...

I've been off for a while but here I am with some new work, no sketchy sketchy this time XD but colored line art ^_^
SHAZAMMM!The Fire Goddes emerges. well this was rather difficult for me but i did it... i still think more detal should be added... but i dont know where, sadly.
Any help??