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Fan art for the up comming game Tribes vengeance...I just like the robot ;)
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phant00m Fan art for the up comming game Tribes vengeance...I just like the robot ;)
AIKUZA 2004-08-15 23:40:29 Nice mecha, but his right leg (its left, doesn't look like it's bend. Also, the design differs from the other leg. I dig his upperbody and gun on his arm, but the rest could use some more work in its design.
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craptacular xD  I did this in about an hour, all in canvas.  There's actually a somewhat long complicated story behind this, but let's suffice it so say that a sunflower-rose hybrid bears some symbolism to me ^^  thus, I drew one, and here it is xD
this is a old one but i coloured ith and please give some commend
pencil no jutsu
Colered Manga Art.
My friend june at Hogwartss. She would be a Gryffindor, definately. LOL. Anyhow. I did this when my dad was performing at the coffeehouse. 8D Twas fun.
Advice for comics please..
soo another one.. my first SORA from Kingdom Hearts. 
okay it's not perfect..  the left arm is not correct.. 1eye is to small.. etc etc. lol but I like it.. ^^
Sooooo sleepy, too many late nights *yawn* -_-'
It's summer and im drawing really often ^^ Here's another one color choice picture ^^
one of my character designs i realy like this one
damn it, why dont any of my pics ever fir in the categories!!!! there should be a fanart category! anyway, did this during a breifing... shes either a princess, preist, or emperor.... whichever appelas to you, the veiwer more!
no. III
This one was a lot of fun to do. Sander (the guy right) and I (left) actually once found a box like that on the street. Shame we didn't took it with us at the time.. could have had a lot of fun with it. ^^
scanned line-art, collouring in photoshop, background is a photo.
because of taking a look at the link in Dustin C's description, I also HAD to draw a dbz fan art in my style XD well here it is. it kinda looks strange though XD