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Just dreaming of making my own manga someday...;)
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phant00m Just dreaming of making my own manga someday...;)
ricepuppet 2004-08-03 16:39:05 This reminds me of Aikuza's drawings back in the year 2000.
AIKUZA 2004-08-03 17:09:47 What the hell you talkin about? I never drew such characters in that style!^^. Anyway, it looks good. You've improved your headdesigns a lot. Keep up^^
phant00m 2004-08-03 18:05:51 Thanks ^^ Brothers..always
ukkie 2004-08-07 16:27:41 Jup, you're headdesigns are definetely improving ^_^ Cool drawing, I think this is one of your best
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Random art
I draw these a lot at school then when I have time at home I use them for ideas :)
okay not anything is right..

but me like this one^^
iv decided all the ink i do is gonna go in the sketch catigory.. cause i colour everything i do... this is a pic of my eye
This was from a photo which i then copied into a manga picture to help get the proportions right etc
Im happy with it:)
I fixed it as good as I could. Colour it?
<b>Goose Chase - Section A</b><br/><br/>This is but 1 small section of a bigger picture I am planning to draw and colour ^^;<br/><br/>I you enjoy looking at this picture as much as me =)
A March 2006 lineart... it was supposed to be a cover, but the manga idea never worked out ^_^;  Her arms from the shoulder to the elbow are way too long.
Two of my Main Character Cache and Joe from my FirePath Manga
The third in the series "girls and signs" (def have to come up with a cooler name :p)... I stopped with the second one for a while cos it had too many flaws... this one is better (although she looks a bit lazy, but i think that looks nice!:D) also I need to think of a cool background... any thoughts???
This is my best pic. so far!
Another 'Girl in bed' image. This time it's one of my own original characters, Fena Haroh from my comic Embrace. This one is also pretty old, but it seems to be standing up the the test of time. One of my cleanest traditional inking jobs.
my first artwork as Ruisu Raito.... Emo on Winter
Bleh, I messed up so many things while inking this. T_T

Haha, messed up uploading too.