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Sorry because of the blue pencil drawning but I only had this pen when I was visiting my grandma...|-)
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phant00m Sorry because of the blue pencil drawning but I only had this pen when I was visiting my grandma...|-)
Def Character 2004-07-27 15:27:24 Looks from a comicbook I once red?!
phant00m 2004-07-27 15:49:37 Yeah I know....Can't remember the name of the kid. He was some kind of phsychical boy that could control robots/machines etc with his mind...
gothqueen 2004-07-27 17:23:53 Cool, I think you should 'finish' it, you know shade it and that kind of stuff. It's really good
ukkie 2004-07-27 21:19:15 Good work on the details! I agree with gothqueen that you should "finish" this one! ^_^
phant00m 2004-07-27 22:04:31 Okay...I know now that I wont be boored 2morrow :P Thanks! Was woundring what I would do...damn vacation :P
phant00m 2004-07-27 22:13:58 I think I will redraw it.(Put a paper on top of it and ink it(BLACK ink this time:P))
phant00m 2004-07-28 01:14:46 I inked and shaded this one :D I'll upload it 2morrow, hope u guys like it :)
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this is very fun i like the shade on the kimono and the nose  v^_^v
pencil no jutsu
a demon ninja I was working on but got bored halfway through.  I wanted to put armor on his forearms and legs, but I couldn't come up with an idea that I liked.  I'll finish it at some point.
nother one, in process of completion as well.
Another eye..
allright! (again) heres the ken sketch i was talkin about..i think this is probably the best of the 4 i did, my next step is gonna be a real drawing based on the marvel vs capcom universe, so lets see what turns up
The Raging Spaniard
Bruce Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, this took a lot longer than I thought. ._.  Tis a character from my Zelda fic (yep.  I'm a dork that likes Zelda enough to come up wittta fanfiction xD)  she is teh evil.  Named Sonya ^^  this really was just for the purpose of getting her character design down.  I tried to give her sort of a fairy-like...ehm...air about her, though I'm not sure that worked -.=  The background took me forever just to get an IDEA of what to do.  I'm not very happy with it, although I had fun with the sparklies on the magic stuff xD  but, seeing as Emily doesn't like to be dissatisfied with pictures, I've still got the backgroundless pic, if anyone has any suggestions =P
A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
Nyu !?
Streetfighter,little work,lazy
It's crap and you know it ;)
a work in progress.
yoko from tengen toppa gurren lagann.
Dustin C.
Client work.

Image is based on a front cover of a Nas album. Back image is own work. The Xbox is empty inside (just the case) so that's why on the back there's nothing visible inside and the DVD drive looks a bit crooked ^-^

This one took one day. I'm getting faster!
[This is the uncoloured version] Page 1 of our manga entitled: 'Wildflowers'...