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no got really much to say beside for that i really need a lot more improvement to work on =/
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AnimeminA no got really much to say beside for that i really need a lot more improvement to work on =/
phant00m 2004-07-23 20:52:31 It looks good :D
ukkie 2004-07-25 13:04:37 Looks good, good work on the detail and the background! Her chin might be a little too pointy though ^_^
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Random art
Page 3 of a few pages long comic I'm making.Still a sketch and text will be added after I lined it.
Manga Art
underneath the orange grove

the oranges become many distant suns

to the doll houses and dolls that litter the ground

and the girl who they belong to becomes the mediator of the heavens and the earth.
This is a good couple of years old now, it's page 4 of my comic Friction Burn. I got 8 pages done before my computer crashed on me back then. I think this is still one of the best panel layouts I've ever done and to this day I still love the flow of the page.
This is ginko.

he's made of bugs and adorable.
L with lolliepops in color ^^ colored it with photoshop. Pffff, lots of work, first time with my tablet so... You like it?
my character doin a lil sumtin
A fanart of Haku form Naruto. I Made this on my day off. It's collored with markers accept the background, those are watercollors. Well, enjoy en tell me what you think please!!!
changed up main characters hair again

This would be my friend Frankie...probably thinking about food. I used contrast, though I really simplified the facial features and shading. And I his left arms doesn't really make any sense....
Line-art this time for backrounds... horray

50-60mins while rewatching code geass...
( i found this picture and imitatated it. im not completely sure on the anime name.
Finally a cutsey picceh XD I wanted to create a warm atmosphere and to show my love for my fave brand of clothing: BAPE XD (aka bathing ape, apee, baby milo etc)

4 hours photoshop + mouse