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YO!!! I finally got the chance to upload a new pic! i had a the lineart done for about a month before i could put it on the computer for coloring. Anyway, if you dont know who this is, it's Riddick from
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Dustin C. YO!!! I finally got the chance to upload a new pic! i had a the lineart done for about a month before i could put it on the computer for coloring. Anyway, if you dont know who this is, it's Riddick from "Chronicles of Riddick". A nice purple and black motif which somehow seems to fit. anyway, the caption for this pic is "Get that damn light out of my eyes."
Dustin C. 2004-07-14 02:53:26 Mini, no offense, but what the heck are you trying to say?! o_o;; its more like observations than critiques. heh, i ddont mean to sound over critical or anything =_=
Marius 2004-07-14 10:56:03 Great job as allways! I agree with MiNi though, the light purple in his eyes doesn't suit the personality of Riddick, thus creates an imbalance in the feel of the pic. And so now and then the shading isn't exactly right, for instance in the left (his left, our right) corner of his mouth you gave it shading on the side where the light comes from, it should have been on the other side. But I'm just being a perfectionist, other than that it's a great artwork! ^^
Dustin C. 2004-07-14 14:00:32 well, the contrast of the dark persona and the light eyes is supposed to be that way, but i guess i can cange the light purple aura around him...
The Raging Spaniard 2004-07-18 08:00:33 you need to work on the eye color, they look nothing like riddicks. Get some better reference ;)
The Raging Spaniard 2004-07-18 08:01:56 oh yeah, and fingers have more joints than that, that middle finger is pretty ...well... nah (please dont tell me is a style thing, cause regardless, it looks bad) nice line quality
Merink 2005-06-20 19:28:49 Ok blah blah blah the dude has a lighter shade of purple 4 his eyes, only a MODERATOR would point that out! lol just playing. I like the pic a lot
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