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A bit bizar I guess, dressing up in a Euro dress. The idea just popped in my mind^_^ The eurobill texture was
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Mactire A bit bizar I guess, dressing up in a Euro dress. The idea just popped in my mind^_^ The eurobill texture was "wrapped"around the dress with dispacementmapping. Let me hear what you think^^
Def Character 2004-07-02 13:06:55 I've never seen this before? Nice!
Marius 2004-07-02 13:24:47 Haha, nice... Original indeed!
Solin 2004-07-02 18:14:48 Great work and wherry Original! Geweldig!
AIKUZA 2004-07-03 01:13:22 Very creatice!! I like the whole pic. Accept the 1 euro coin she's sitting on. That's kinda low quality pic ( blurrysh*t). ^^
Roweena 2004-07-03 14:54:25 Cool idea! And here pose is great! Nice! :D
Mactire 2004-07-03 15:28:46 ^_^ Thanks you all. To bad indeed of the low-res coin, I couldn't find a higher res pic*_*
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possible character design for my comic. I suck, so I used a reference >_<
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It's Gohan (aahh cute) I posted it before but things went wrong so .... here is it again ^^
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will post color when completed. ^^
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Tralala...a new character sketch of the main character of my still-in-progress-still-in-revision original fic, Drahkernym ^^ I didn't like the first drawing I did so I decided to redo him. And he underwent a personality change so I needed to reflect that...somewhat. Anywho, a really sketchy sketch that I'm happy with xD
The choice is always the same...
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Cover of my own manga =3
Bunny and Chicky chan :P
Haha, haven't been here in AGES. Just figured I should post something SOMEWHAT recent-ish. If one can call a year ago recent, but yeah, spring time angel, enjoy.
Some pic i made just for fun! Doing this one was too fuuun!!! xD  I really like to draw!!! tyihihi
this is my best drawing. It was hard but it turned out great :p enjoy the crappy show :P