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Sorry people i had remove the other pic.... but aniway....

I made my self in anime^^ i hope its not Bad...
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Solin Sorry people i had remove the other pic.... but aniway.... I made my self in anime^^ i hope its not Bad...
Nightwind 2004-06-28 21:26:33 the head is really cool! but like Koalla Su said it's kinda out of porportion
Def Character 2004-06-29 08:18:22 excellent colouring?
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Random art
The first group pic I tried. Please tell me what I can improve before I color it!! (they're not naked...I just didn't draw the clothes yet XD)
Edward Elric
colored it. Don't really like the clouds that much... might change that later. hope you all digs
Valentine's Day Contest. Alrighty. Um. I started with the basic pose I saw from a picture of Miranda Kerr. I then changed the arms, mouth, and altered the hips slightly. I changed the hair and made up my own outfit. I thought a sexy female version of Cupid was necessary for a Valentine's Day treat.
Heya, decided to upload something, just to let you know i didn't die yet XD.

ITs actually my first real tablet artwork. Its also notn finished but i dont wnt to work on it anymore. Enjoy and byebye ^^
its not my usual style but i think its cool 6^^
pencil no jutsu
wee, purple xD  still love that color ^^ anyay, a girl named Devon at my school asked be to draw her a 'punk princess' a while back, and this is the result.  I tried out a new coloring technique.  I like it okay, but I think I'll probably revert back to smudging next picture xD  ah well.  The bg I'm not too happy with.  Just kind of random.  But I couldn't think of a less-abstract scene that would make sense behind her ._.;; *sigh* ah well
Heh art piece i chanced upon when i was tidying my pc desktop...
A poster i helped my sis to improve on for her sch competition. Its a bit dirty but do enjoy~! ^^
Quite a funny picture of a couple watching a scary film :)
My own princess bride. And not THE princess bride, the movie, just an ordinary princess that is about to get pink!
Manga Art
a slightly older drawin of Samke -w-
thought I'd colour one of the characters I drew ^^
Thanx to David for showing me how to draw blood. I hope I did a good enough job. ^^