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A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!
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ricepuppet A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!
AIKUZA 2004-06-21 20:52:42 Damn!! I like the details and shading in your art!! That design is amazing! Reminds of Masamune Shirows' artwork!! ^^ Why is it hitting a shoppingcar with groceries? ^^
AIKUZA 2004-07-24 02:11:44 drollendraaiende batterijen met ingebouwde marmotten in klusterpap!!!!!!!!!!
Zeiroid 2004-10-07 13:14:07 Mighty stuff ^_^ Definitely a nice drawing style ^_^
AIKUZA 2004-11-16 01:14:17 hallo ik ben aikuza en ik woon op en in een scanner.. hooi hooi!!!! noueh!! geef mij maar een biertje ofso hoor jajajajaj dag he. vandaag was een hele koele dag hoor. ik zweefde boven de wolken en ik dronk kippenvocht tegelijk. Nou dat was effe lekker hoor tihihihih ofsho!! dag buurman concierge shit in houten slaapzak
Evan 2005-02-08 18:54:02 That's hilarious
Evan 2005-02-08 18:54:33 In a good kind of way!
AIKUZA 2005-03-26 00:30:39 Zoemba, you dont know shit about humour. You boring monkeyprick
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Random art
Why are there so few options on the Topic? :S
Anyway, here is a pic from a little series which features eagles and strange ladies without a mouth...I'm finishing the 3d one at this moment. Hope you like it, since it's not really manga-only ^^'
First page of my manga. :D
Sophie Mann
[update]Just got a tablet and i'm trying to get used to it. colored version of earlier animation
Sora fron KH2,I just decided to draw it.
this been a while people :) 

.... welll this is a part of what ive been doing for school ... i dont like it al ... well actaully not that mutch of it :P .. i do like the coloring of the 2 in the center .. but i think the best drawing would be the sketch of the younger girl in the right ^^ .. *sign* i really have to work on my facial expressions -_-
Probably doesn't need to be marked as mature, but whatever. It's better to be safe, right?

Anywiz, look! Moar Pokemon anthros! 8D Woo! I'm not too fond of Suicune, but I do like Raikou's pose and my cloring on Entei. :3 I'm happy with this overall.
I hadn't intended to color 'I See You' ( but I recently downloaded the Corel Painter IX free trial and wanted to give it a whirl. ^^ Not too shabby, I think. Now if I could just buy the program. ^^;
Very old
One of the angels I drew..its not all the way finished yet and not one of my best but i hope you like it
Ashley Park
This artwork was created with the rotogravure technique. Therefore I had to evenly spread out black, wax-like paste on a polished copperplate. Then I scratched away the black paste with a really thin, fine needle. Thereafter the copperplate was etched in a acid bath. The waxed parts keep spared, the scratched parts becomes grooves. Then I washed away the paste and filled the grooves with black print colour paste. Now, the copperplate was ready for printing with a special machine. The heavy drum pressed down the copperplate into an absorbent, humid paper sheet, which soaked up the black colour. And here you see the result.^^
one-eyed battle bot

Caesar continued. not finished yet but i kinda like it so far. i've spent so long on this O_O but umm...i dont like his face its turning out really crummy T_T so i guess ill just show it when im done w/ the whole thing