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A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!
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ricepuppet A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!
AIKUZA 2004-06-21 20:52:42 Damn!! I like the details and shading in your art!! That design is amazing! Reminds of Masamune Shirows' artwork!! ^^ Why is it hitting a shoppingcar with groceries? ^^
AIKUZA 2004-07-24 02:11:44 drollendraaiende batterijen met ingebouwde marmotten in klusterpap!!!!!!!!!!
Zeiroid 2004-10-07 13:14:07 Mighty stuff ^_^ Definitely a nice drawing style ^_^
AIKUZA 2004-11-16 01:14:17 hallo ik ben aikuza en ik woon op en in een scanner.. hooi hooi!!!! noueh!! geef mij maar een biertje ofso hoor jajajajaj dag he. vandaag was een hele koele dag hoor. ik zweefde boven de wolken en ik dronk kippenvocht tegelijk. Nou dat was effe lekker hoor tihihihih ofsho!! dag buurman concierge shit in houten slaapzak
Evan 2005-02-08 18:54:02 That's hilarious
Evan 2005-02-08 18:54:33 In a good kind of way!
AIKUZA 2005-03-26 00:30:39 Zoemba, you dont know shit about humour. You boring monkeyprick
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haha ^^''
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Don't got much to say about it =/
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This is one of my characters i designed, Im going to colour it on photoshop. The inking isn't very good and my hand slipped a few times. I will fix the bottom of his pants and put his feet in the right perspective. If anything else dosen't look right then please let me know.
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new line art, screaming "color me color me!". I will eventually XD but what style, cell shading or real shading (~_~) hmm..
Not what I wanted it to be..

//done with Paint Shop Pro//

(OMG..converting it to Jpeg was NOT a good idea ;-; )