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I love cats and I just HAD to upload this one!! So kawaii!! ^_^
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ukkie I love cats and I just HAD to upload this one!! So kawaii!! ^_^
AIKUZA 2004-06-20 19:13:23 hahaha, soo funny!!! chubby cat!! cool!
gothqueen 2004-06-20 19:52:59 aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh cute ^-^
WOLF 2004-06-20 21:18:40 supppah kawaii =^.?=
Def Character 2004-06-21 08:38:58 Awwww?
phant00m 2004-08-07 16:24:28 hehe funny :D
Shinfate 2007-02-01 17:39:10 he looks like mikkie!! my cat XP
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here I am with another line art ^^ I'm going to color her in the future

Clowning around? ALWAYS!:D hehehe... i doodled this during a breifing this summer. breifings are soooo broing, its all i could do to keep myself awake! thank-god for the clown!
I'm going to be famous one day.
My portfolio is coming O_o; I am seriously lacking of pics to show people. Coz no matter how I see, my drawings in the past isn't good enough to put in portfolio. So recently working really hard, hopefully can draw something better. -- Inked by Rapidograph, Colored by Prisma Markers. P.S. Stupid count down: 6 days before my teenagers life ends ^^;
A chara design of my OC Yamazaru Tohta.
I used another artists picture as inspiration of this, so i cant say the idea is my original but i copied the basics and made it my own
Gaia avi AGAIN?? I'm holding an art auction @ gaia, wanna bid?
my first upload ^_^ I havent had much time to draw lately...too much work to be done! Some tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! I know i can't draw arms or feet.....
hey its been a while since i posted nething i have a new account,because i lost the password to my old one n my old email which i think is pretty funny,i did this for a gurl i know we both love to draw graff so i encorperatated it in to this pic,my old profile is curse one comments n crits welcom
ehhh lol
Oh dear, I'm sooo sleepy, I'v run out of things to draw and to make matters worse my garden fence has just blown over @_@
Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test
Dustin C.