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I love cats and I just HAD to upload this one!! So kawaii!! ^_^
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ukkie I love cats and I just HAD to upload this one!! So kawaii!! ^_^
AIKUZA 2004-06-20 19:13:23 hahaha, soo funny!!! chubby cat!! cool!
gothqueen 2004-06-20 19:52:59 aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh cute ^-^
WOLF 2004-06-20 21:18:40 supppah kawaii =^.?=
Def Character 2004-06-21 08:38:58 Awwww?
phant00m 2004-08-07 16:24:28 hehe funny :D
Shinfate 2007-02-01 17:39:10 he looks like mikkie!! my cat XP
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Anipike Mascot Trixie - Happy Halloween 
Outlines: black Rotring /// Rapidograph 0.10 mm /// 
Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) /// 
Time: 7 h ///////

LM MENTS page 8
Some chara sketching... i'm planning to do more art about her :3

I had fun with this one, somewhat,
splatter brushes
he's a zombie, named Kelly :)
It´s not really mangaish but i tought i´d show you guys anyway.again i´m having problems with colors not closing again, so i deleted the colors I tryed something but that diden´t work well I guess I´l just have to wait until some good ideas come into my head.
well, second piece of work I made after the shopping girl :) did it all in photoshop. I really like this piece, first time I actually make a background *hehe*
soory i wasn't there anymore..i got deleted for not showing up long long time!! well i can help the fact i have a life! but my drawing spirit came back to me finaly and made me draw this for u's my new beloved being saved by me from his old life enjoy

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Half sketch picture. Took actually only 1-2 hours doing this one. This picture popped up on my mind when reading a book called ehhhh.... Tales of the Clan Otori???? I actually have no idea what the name is on english but when translated      
directly from swedish it is that... its a good book...i like it... so i dropped everything and started to draw the background i had on my head and then added the main chars :D
Here's a piece I did last month I did of one of my manga characters, Mizuki Noguchi. It's a simple portrait type drawing
My OC Seine in a cute white dress. Hope you like her! ^^