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HELP! i made this pic. and i know there is something wrong, only i don't know what... and i cant see it... please help me ....
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Solin HELP! i made this pic. and i know there is something wrong, only i don't know what... and i cant see it... please help me ....
KurriKlown 2004-06-20 15:22:53 Her right upper arm is too short and therefore her elbow too high. Her left upper arm has a better length. I see she has the BAN kanji on her back, cool.
Mactire 2004-06-20 20:16:21 The girl is off-balance, as if she's falling. The centre of the body has to be in the middle above the feet. (The centre is located in the body, behind the navel you could say). Here, the centre is just a bit behind her (for viewer) left foot. I know it's a bit tricky, but practice makes perfect. Try finding the balance by drawing (a lot) different stick-figures. So, these we're my two cents^_^ Keep up the good work because your art looks good!
Solin 2004-06-20 23:11:58 thank you all! ^_^
Solin 2004-10-17 11:48:46 wel i don't know there are some thing not good so....i don't think i whil color it.... meybe later..
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Random art
Anywas heres my entry. ^^ I hope you likes. :) c&c welcome and encouraged. :D
more unfinished artwork, I'm so lazy.  Just wanted to put up more stuff ha ha.
Fanartgasm! A crossover I'd both love and hate to see.

My favorite dudes, Irvine, L, Beelzebumon, and Bakura. <3

Drawn in biro. On my art binder. :| Why are all the good drawings on the least convenient of 'paper's?
Royal Icing manga, now in print on and on online
I really like how Moru-Moso (the girl) turned out. :3 As for Kuri Kuri Meron (catboy)... eh... could've been better.
The background is totally not up to par. XD But I couldn't produce anything better. So for now, I'm satisfied with it. :3

Tell me what ya think!! :D (and if you have any critics stuff... don't do it too harshly... this did kinda take me... forever. ^^; )
After a long, loooong time i finally upload new art ^_^ YAY!! i hope you like this art. Its made with Open Canvas. This drawwing is a Avi art. (gaiaonline) tee hee hee (n.n)
[This is my 6th art that i have made on my Tablet.]
this is another female character. I want to line her, so before I do that I would appreciate some comments ^^
Working this all day long when I should learn some test. But didnt feel like it at all so :)

Zodiac sagittarius finally

Fire type Wild free
They are forest creatures so i made a mixed with fire and forest elements. The background is a autumn forest, because this zodiac come in autumn

References used.
a bandit from Vagabond by Takehico Inoue
These are my friend's characters, Robert and Thomas. Robbie being the emo guy with the cheery Christmas coffee, and Thomas being the guy with the.... Er. Boxers.
This was originally drawn on lined paper as a semi-gift to her. Mostly it was just me sucking up because I phale at drawing character profiles for her, harhar. I hope I cleaned it up okay, though. D:
Character for my first manga.
Name: Arayne Seru, Age: 20
A doodle doodle I made at lunch time today ... I kinda like it (nooo don't faint !! O_O) anyhow I might re-draw it sometime without the mistakes of this one, LOLz XD
Clowning Around!!
Dustin C.
Forgive her crappy left hand. I did this the night of my last sketch; heh. I thought everything else turned out alright (gotta go practice those hands now... lol).