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WOLF lol
Solin 2004-06-14 17:31:35 hahah aww thats realy EvIL mother..
WOLF 2004-06-14 17:57:02 thx;P
AIKUZA 2004-06-14 20:29:36 hahahhaa!!! THis is so stupid!! ( in a funny way!). Your sense of humor rules!
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Random art
I was turned dollfie by a creepy witch who lives under my floorboards. D:
Work In Progress
Happy Halloween! (well, not yet anyway...) Lineart for my HW pic this year, done in pencils and will be colored soon. 
Dustin C.
Some Hellsing fan art.
This took FOREVER to draw, I'm so glad it's over -_-'
(I drew it all with a black ball point pen) ^_^

drew alot in class today... well alice, alice and alice :)
this image create on zbrush2
hamid ghalijari
random sketches of the same character. I love to draw curls
These are the Ashleys.  They were friends of mine who went to my old high school.  I don't know, I think I totally butchered this sketch with the computer.

Zydrate Robber
Had fun with the colors
wee, purple xD  still love that color ^^ anyay, a girl named Devon at my school asked be to draw her a 'punk princess' a while back, and this is the result.  I tried out a new coloring technique.  I like it okay, but I think I'll probably revert back to smudging next picture xD  ah well.  The bg I'm not too happy with.  Just kind of random.  But I couldn't think of a less-abstract scene that would make sense behind her ._.;; *sigh* ah well
Another joke, but it's done with more care :D More at Resized it a bit)
mother and son for my mini comic...hopefully coming soon
I didnt use a reference, so that can explain any anatomical errors :)
Ah, dreams can be so nice.