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IT'S UPDATED. the coloring gives it more depth. Alhtough if I was designing this character again, I got rid of the shortpants. -___-. I'll leave him like this.
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AIKUZA IT'S UPDATED. the coloring gives it more depth. Alhtough if I was designing this character again, I got rid of the shortpants. -___-. I'll leave him like this.
TheDarkHell 2004-06-11 09:21:37 great design of clothes really cool ^^
AIKUZA 2004-06-11 10:16:34 THankyou. I not totally agree with you Rabid panda 1. The left hand isn't big at all. The wrist seems disconnected because it's not colored, I agree with that. I already noticed that, but it would look better colored, so I'll color it anyway. thx for your comment
WOLF 2004-06-11 10:25:39 O_O wauuuw i luv this drawing!!!
AIKUZA 2004-06-11 10:29:31 thx yu! I've edited a few things as yu can see. -____-
Def Character 2004-06-11 11:46:36 That must be one strong character you've got there if he can hold his sword in that way??! I would turn the hand downwards by the wrist? but hey what do I know?
AIKUZA 2004-06-11 11:54:55 Yep DEF, you've got a point there. I knew about it, but was like; f*ck it, he could be strong...-___-
Solin 2004-06-11 15:28:37 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW He is HOT! ok... i like it.. REALY COOL! KEEP ITs going man!
ukkie 2004-06-11 15:35:49 He looks ready for fighting, if you ask me! ^_^ btw, as an answer on your comment on my drawing: could you tell me how I can clean a picture?? thanks!^_^
AIKUZA 2004-06-11 17:41:37 Ey thank yu all!!
AIKUZA 2004-06-12 01:25:13 THx. Hairtstyle is what I like too. MAterials? Hmmm.... just Black pen and paper. Scanned it in and colored it up with PhotoShop 7.
MatthiusMonkey 2004-07-10 14:48:04 kick assssssssssssssssssss love the style an hair
zakuro 2004-08-02 05:53:43 whoaaa... thats sooo cool! i love the outfit, and the boots!!!! good job!
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2004-10-23 14:37:53 cool clothing and colour, only the rigt hand looks a little weird
AIKUZA 2004-11-04 22:59:39 Hey thanks all. great compliments :D. This art has been updated cause I was bored. Yes SSS, presentation is very important in art as well ;)
Ayla 2004-12-06 21:04:07 the bg is awesome. works beautifully with this pic. great color choice and costume/character design.. wow.
Kaizu 2005-02-07 11:59:05 Very Nice Aikuza, i like the way you play with colors, the orange/red shades in his hair, the pink in the sword.. well done ^^
zeo-x 2005-11-09 22:01:46 whoa.. gotta love the sword..
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I like how this one turned out. Made it for a friend.. sad story so i just had to draw my feelings on paper just to calm down ^^;
Hello again!! this is just a draft cover for a manga I'v been working on, have a look and say what you think....ok I know it doesn't look too fab but like I said it's just a draft ;-)
aaaand, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, my first truely decent attempt at a good coloring job ;)  This was the first picture I made after I discovered the smudge tool (I'm afraid you're NOT going to see the piccie that led to its discovery...quite an ugly thing, that was >_>)  nehoo, tis a DnD character of mine named Eshana. She's the type of REALLY annoying person that can annoy you, while its near impossible ot annoy her : )  fun fun ...also my first attempt at an abstract background.  Actually, one of my first at any background at all xD
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Avenall is a fictional character created by Michele Huaf in her novel, "Gossamyr". He is an exiled fairy prince exiled from faery. Read the novel to learn more about this character.
The cover for the first chapter of our Manga called Last Shadow.
The guy actually is a vampire, u cant see it now tough, want to make it a bit bloody when i color it and give the woman bite marks in her neck ^^
Work in progress.. Some proportions are messed up.. 

when I started coloring this in I didn't like it, but the more I fill in the blanks, the more I like it..beside, it's just practice :) 
I need your help with thinking of a cool background.. I'm thinking about making sparks where she walked, in a line behind her. Or something similar ^^  Feel free to give some crits. Also, my first art with a Wacom Tablet!!! :D

unfinished, but I am still working on it ;).
If you do not recognize this character, you fail at Internet. He has been my favourite character since I got the game.
Yes, naruto fanart. Yes, selfmade character. Yes, crappy colors. Yes, JPEG. Yesm with the mouse. No, someone didn't figure-poop on his face.