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Thise are the caracters from my
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Solin Thise are the caracters from my "Magicstone" story. The Girl Luna is whery Sad. The boy Chris feels sorry for her and give hear a hug.
WOLF 2004-06-07 21:42:12 cool pic dude!! maybe you should try out some other materials. Crayons look so light! =^-^=
MatthiusMonkey 2004-06-07 21:48:11 coool really like it her hands look a litte small tho colorings graet
AIKUZA 2004-06-17 01:26:11 Nice presentation! Aktough her head is looking quite big. Especially compared too him. Her ear is a bit too far on the back of her head.
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Random art
maybe I will use this as a fighting character , but more of a magic user...he fights by manipulating his shadow to form weapons...I'll stick to this one 'till I make a better one...o_o
'nother oc online session, this time with Zaerook, aka phleex. He pretty much did everything but the samus, im still kinda slow in oc.
This is a girl I found on the video of the song rocketeer XD
I made something with colour, please try not to faint from the shock :O
I'm not sure if I like this one or not seeing as there are many things that could be improved. The pose of the older guy looks really un-natural and his face just doesn't look right at all and his hands . . . just no DX
Ah well better luck next time but for now crits please. :D
More stuffs.
It was a work for a client.
Rael Mochizuki
possible character design for my comic. I suck, so I used a reference >_<
hello,i like this one,is a type of mage from ff tact. and wanted to draw it....and i put it here for the ff well what do you think...? it took me 30 finish it..
pwee the scanner screwed my beaytiful colors up but I'm soo proud of this  one (it still looks a lot better in reality tough)  c&c please
My first attempt at realism (I know it's not manga and I promise I never do it again, but I just need to know whether it's good or not) It's a pretty well known actor, I wonder if you can guess who this is ;)
so I am planning to ink and color this soon... just wanted some quick crit on some things, mainly the guy's legs, (Is he too tall?)
I also posted this in the forums under work in progress, though that may be against the rules, lol
A confused manga girl =o
Colored it, I'm not too good at coloring but hope you guys like it.
i feld like drawing somthing strange,
it worked out^_^