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I haven't drawn much male mangastyle faces so here's my progress so far. I'm experimenting with a third shade and have not decided what hair to give him? suggestions anyone?
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Def Character I haven't drawn much male mangastyle faces so here's my progress so far. I'm experimenting with a third shade and have not decided what hair to give him? suggestions anyone?
Dustin C. 2004-05-28 13:25:40 give him some normal hair, like short and brown or something. or even give him a buzz cut :p
MatthiusMonkey 2004-05-30 00:10:18 cooool i gonna use ur tutorials if u ever make them( 4 hair try umm like eric from murderdolls if u have seen him if not ill say 3 wrds to give u an idea crazy, wild and long :P)
WOLF 2004-06-07 18:58:50 O_O w ..w .. w.. w how did you do that?! its so great!!
edragon 2006-03-22 14:07:35 NICE, so it's you who have been making those "how to draw manga" tutorials.
Viviane 2007-05-20 05:03:27 The face looks amazing! Like real anime cartoon!!!*o* I think, slightly tousled blond or brown short hair would match him.^^
aki 2008-02-23 05:54:31 alfro! XD XD I like the shading~ ^^ look really like an anime's character
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It's a cyborg-type guy that I drew recently, and I thought he was pretty cool, and so... yeah. :D (I apologize for the poor quality :( I don't currently have a scanner)
Another drawing I made for another friend. It's a penguin, now join me in awe... ;-)
aaron is a hottie! XP
scary red dude playing with pencil crayons heh
Well, I drew it at a picnic for my brother's school ... and decided to color it.  Really just a five-minute sketch and a 10-minute color, but its cute, yah?
Milo. Yaaaaaay. :/ This took me HOURS. The entire time of which I spent listening to two certain people prattle on about World of Warcraft. I'd call it a valuable learning experience about the WoW culture, but I'd be lying. Anyway, MSPaint, about 6 hours. Waaaaay longer than a picture like this should have taken. D: Anyway, his finger is way too long, but I didn't notice until it was too late. Oh well...
with these abs who needs a triforce
Hi! I just came across this site and I thought I join and share with you some of my works and manga ideas. This piece I call "Sakura" since I did this during last spring. This character is one of my orginal manga characters that goes by the name of "Lin" I'll dicuss about her later ^_^ enjoy!
a character in my own manga..
Koga and a deer demon character I created. I just thought I'd put it up.
This was a gift for a person on Deviantart, I'm not going to explain here, but okay. It took me quite a while to finish it, just because my computer is very slow. It's a good thing I'll have a new one in a few weeks, or a new one.. It's used, but it will probably be a lot more quick then this. Anything can be.
Hope you like it (and I know , like, the hands don't really fit together, one tiny, one huge..) But okay. I have this feeling I won't be uploading any color drawings very soon, because school is starting again next week and it will be my last year. I think it will be pretty busy.
got bored and made this also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy 
luckly i can draw in flash still ya just got a new art program and it was for free its called "art weaver 4.0"
it sort of like painter but free ya
oh ya hinata from NARUTO
im a devaintart junkie, and one of the people i watch made an alien race, there were rules to designing a character, and this is the end product i came up with. the link to her site on devart is:
my characters name is Snapdragon, and her alterego is called Grevillea. shes 39, but the alien race"Pheerai" live till there about 300. althought they mature by the age of 20. these are 3 costumes she usually is in

done in india ink, nib, and pencil crayons
still working on it but I like this one.