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i started a shop on gaia and here are some avatars i did well hope you like it ^^
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TheDarkHell i started a shop on gaia and here are some avatars i did well hope you like it ^^
TheDarkHell 2004-05-26 14:15:22 graduis jeah i know the dont look a like but these are actually appart but i putted them all toghter. and bloodyspasm they dont al have wierd ears but it depents on whits items they are carring on gaia ^^ but thanks for al the comments ^^
TheDarkHell 2004-05-28 12:34:48 yes thats xenderx ^^ tnx for the comment
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Random art
This artwork is sort of based on Yu-Gi-Oh! with the card. But I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, so I made a card of Shiva. I know the scanner made my picture blue, I can't help it.
this drawing represent thefeelings I felt when I made her tellme what you think of her
design for fun
This is TATSUO (竜夫) one of new character in MICHINORI
yukinori asuka
Another random doodle dump XD
first post :D
Uff, i finally managed to get out of there alive :7  anyway, i'm alive and i brought something with me, i changed the process for putting the colors and i think i finally found one that looks fine :3
Please C&C, i can smell that death is nearby...
Im getting tired of repeating myself. This is again an old drawing dating from 2001 or 2 whatever. Its the same character as the one facing the dragon in blue aura. Supposedly he was to become the star in our never-developed RPG for the PC. Brother Aikuza cant dig the way his arms look fat. I find it to be the style that suits him right. The drawing itself is very raw (not one of us wants to edit it)
a sword slashing someone ....
My friend asked me to draw a dancing penguin, and a moose, this is the lineart of the moose, I'll prolly upload the color version later. C&C welcome.
Ozzy Rude, Mayor of Zan, Norhtern Enef.
It's the colour version of my cartoon self. still not satisfy with the hair shines and some of the cell shading, but it is the best I can do with my current ability ^^;
this was coloured using GIMP. i didn't do lineart because i wanted it to look dirty.

the story is that she is in a war in the desert... kinda. so i tried to make the picture look as dirty and sandy as i could.
"smile, you two!"... a rough sketch of what's up that day...