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Erhm always notice a lot of errors but sadly enough 
I only see them after I have already finished the whole 
drawing ..
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Zeiroid Erhm always notice a lot of errors but sadly enough I only see them after I have already finished the whole drawing ..
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Thank you ^_____^
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 but it's all just a matter of spending a large amount of time rather than skill ^_^
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Hahah wow but I really should say it's more a matter of using tricks than skill ^_^ And of course the right fineliners hihih ^_^
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Hahah well there was something about the body in terms of the right proportions which I didn't like .. The part between her upper body and legs is too small I think ^_^
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Random art
This is the cover of my supposedly BST series -_-
well people merry christmass and a happy new year ^^  (card me not be totaly in the christmas spirit, but a well that just my humor ^^) .... ow and sorry for the weak coloring i needed to finnish it on time :P
COR - One of my first robot skeletal dezynes. It took about 7 days to finish, the first 3 were just layout and components.  Once the detailing began I couldn't stop.
i mead something like D.N.Angle its not my usual style i hope i get some comments on this i really like it
pencil no jutsu
Ah... I've been gone a while. This picture was done back in June. It's a picture of me if I had awesome FRUiTS magazine type clothes XD. Prismacolour and Copic markers. I modifyed this a bit for my Gaia sig so if you're on Gaia and see me around, please say hi!
I finished this yesterday. I'm rarely ever satisfied with my drawings, and I realize that there are imperfections in this one, but I like it.
hey mira
Look! Its hyper Tai! this took me a long time to do but was quite happy with the outcome. I was going to do a classic StarCrash6 style city, but though nah I'll do something a little different. Hope you all like it ^_^
colored, a bit messy..
Dear Ed Elric Fanbrats: Bishie Ed isn't cool. Here is a broken-down diagram discussing how lame and character-raping your art is. Thanxbai.  (Mature content marked just to be safe... lemme know if you think I don't need it)
Just a fast sketch to get back on paper again so I kept it simple, but my gf liked it and asked me to finish it, so expect a finished version soon.
Self-portrait done in Photoshop.
ok So I forgot about this site for a couple years then remembered it today. My old account is gone so I re-registered. Here's some rather old Computer art of my character Amareli. 
This I think took me 4 hours with CS2
Another commission all done! Woot. Vultureman from the Thundercat's cartoon. Markers and Pencils