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Erhm always notice a lot of errors but sadly enough 
I only see them after I have already finished the whole 
drawing ..
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Zeiroid Erhm always notice a lot of errors but sadly enough I only see them after I have already finished the whole drawing ..
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Thank you ^_____^
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 but it's all just a matter of spending a large amount of time rather than skill ^_^
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Hahah wow but I really should say it's more a matter of using tricks than skill ^_^ And of course the right fineliners hihih ^_^
Zeiroid 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Hahah well there was something about the body in terms of the right proportions which I didn't like .. The part between her upper body and legs is too small I think ^_^
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Random art
angel versus devil =)
'Tis a picture of A'Marie with her wings out. A most painful thing for her, I might add, for the machinary is ripping her back open. >_< Well, actually she can't feel it... Long story.)Anyways... I started this like, last month, then forgot about it, then finnaly finished it at 12:30am yesterday night for an example at an art auction on Gaia. I'd have to say I'm happy with it, even thought most of the detail was lost in the resizing... and she doesn't look as insane as she does in the original. TT__TT
Satyrs celebrate for Dionysus. They are in ecstasy.
A normal human once but when her parents died. She became an assassin for hire.
colored this on my spare time... im tring to draw more often but im finding more crap taking up my time :(
You know i hate bg's...
Another page haha =D feel free to check it all outttt.
chara of mine, drew this almost 2 years ago xD (then why the "vesta '06"? I don't know but its definately not '06)
Little snowman who likes to play with trees.

Well I was thinking of giving him a flame thrower, but it didn't made any sense... Chainsaw, yeah ... chainsaw makes more sense I think, much better than a broom.
Who on earth started to give the snowman a broom anyway? Thats so stupid >=D
A kid version from the first season.The scene when they(Aries&Chap) encountered a monster in the forest.
Valentine Contest

*chu* ^^
fanart of Okuni from SDK. Like most of mine, it's drawn when i should have been paying attention to something else. Hope you like it.
I haven't seen many Full Metal Alchemist episodes, but he's in denial.
in captivity