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this is my latest work. i wanted to go for a graffiti look, and this is what came up, DJ Skittle! i especially like the color scheme i used too.
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Dustin C. this is my latest work. i wanted to go for a graffiti look, and this is what came up, DJ Skittle! i especially like the color scheme i used too.
Trico 2004-05-01 22:57:04 LOL My best friends calls himself Skittle on the net... He's not an afro though... not even negro...>_< anyways...:D - very nice work man! he looks a bit on the chubby side though, and I don't think my arm is so elastic that it could twist like that..0_< very nice job on the galsses and headphones. Maybe you could try *more* shading, like different levels of shading - and blend them with the, well, the blending option (in photoshop, that is..) I'm not saying it's not nice, not at all, but I do think it can be nicer ^___^ (the yellow outlining is a very cool subtle touch, though...b^__^d)
Dustin C. 2004-05-02 01:41:05 haha, just say it trico. he's black! :p
Dustin C. 2004-05-02 16:12:05 it took me about.....lets see, 3 hours for the lineart, and another 3 to color it.
Def Character 2004-05-03 11:24:07 Oi dustin guess that site sure made an impact on you?-.?
Dustin C. 2004-05-03 13:30:18 it sure did buddy, heh heh! ~_^
AIKUZA 2004-07-07 00:37:26 Very cool character yes!! Like the style! I really thought it was that guy from JetSetRadio, you know, that black skater with graffitishit.^^ But really cool!!
Merink 2005-06-20 19:31:05 taste the rainbow.............
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Random art
After the second reminder... I thought of taking part in the contest too... and this is my work for the VALENTINE CONTEST.
I'm not so into hearts and pinky artworks... so I decided for a red-golden scenary and a love scene of two rpg characters.

Hope you'll like it and a very lovely valentine 2009.
This is what i look like most of the time^i'm a cybergothic too and i love art^^ hehehehe...if anyone here is narrowminded i sugest you all look away cause yeps i am a goth relevant and nope...i'm not gonna kill you((yet)) HOPE you like it :D!!!

XxX to the fans
My samurai, Toshaiden of Blade Romacer!
Fushigi Yugi fanart!! This one's for my best friend Gothqueen! Hope you like it! ^_^
I dunno if this should be line art of sketch.. I didn't put a lot of thought into what kind of character she'd be either.. I just dived into the drawing. I seem to have a bad habit of doing that
This same time but not to much....i hope u like it
Hello everyone! :D been some time ago since i last posted art here :P

this is was for an assignment for  school, needed to be some kind of storyboard and of your favorite game (guess which one this is) :P

Feedbacks and comments are welcome and much appreciated :)
Testing out my 30 day trial of PS 6.0 XP
line-art editted in photoshop.
I like this one's evil
what's in a name eh?
soo dark hell and myself are working on this....manga. and here is my char! doesn't have a name yet,though
Hi guys, it's been awhile since i've drawn,a lot has changed here in this site.. its been 3 years since the last time i produced something but anyway, here's a practice run-of-the-mill work. Lineart was doddled off from our boring medicine class and CGed while waiting for the next class,a ballpen was used.Photoshop CS 2.0 on a laptop (it's a no-no for me but can't help it).
another character based off of AMG...i know, her arms a little messed up, but once it's in ink, what can you do??
Hi, my name is Kan. I am a Vietnamese who loves manga drawing. My dream is to draw a manga. I hope that every one will support me. 
This is the drawing in Gothic style. :)