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this is my latest work. i wanted to go for a graffiti look, and this is what came up, DJ Skittle! i especially like the color scheme i used too.
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Dustin C. this is my latest work. i wanted to go for a graffiti look, and this is what came up, DJ Skittle! i especially like the color scheme i used too.
Trico 2004-05-01 22:57:04 LOL My best friends calls himself Skittle on the net... He's not an afro though... not even negro...>_< anyways...:D - very nice work man! he looks a bit on the chubby side though, and I don't think my arm is so elastic that it could twist like that..0_< very nice job on the galsses and headphones. Maybe you could try *more* shading, like different levels of shading - and blend them with the, well, the blending option (in photoshop, that is..) I'm not saying it's not nice, not at all, but I do think it can be nicer ^___^ (the yellow outlining is a very cool subtle touch, though...b^__^d)
Dustin C. 2004-05-02 01:41:05 haha, just say it trico. he's black! :p
Dustin C. 2004-05-02 16:12:05 it took me about.....lets see, 3 hours for the lineart, and another 3 to color it.
Def Character 2004-05-03 11:24:07 Oi dustin guess that site sure made an impact on you?-.?
Dustin C. 2004-05-03 13:30:18 it sure did buddy, heh heh! ~_^
AIKUZA 2004-07-07 00:37:26 Very cool character yes!! Like the style! I really thought it was that guy from JetSetRadio, you know, that black skater with graffitishit.^^ But really cool!!
Merink 2005-06-20 19:31:05 taste the rainbow.............
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Feyru running from... something XD She;s not so sure either.
a boss character for the manga
Hi i'm new here and i would like to get some advice about my drawings. i'm trying to draw body's and cloths and the drawing above is more like a training to draw body's. I really appreciate it if you can help me with it :)
The Cover of the first chapter of my graphic novel Cybertech
0_o a happy piece from me... Dunno what got into me :P Anyways, sumthin to brighten up yur day ^^
Nameless - just an update to show you the painfully slow progress from the original sketch (nov 2003) to the present version. Yeah okay, I should draw some more.. and quicker ;P - feb 2004
A pretty nice sketch if i may say so:)
I dont come here often anymore..dotn got the time to draw accept for school..But i finaly did some work of my own again,turnd out pretty okay..
This here is a character I created for my original story called "War of the Arts." The character's name is Kazuki Dekiru (Kazuki means "birth of a new generation," and Dekiru means "capable). He is a 14-year old practioner of Taijutsu and can manipulate fire, but he is somewhat unaware of his true ability. He is also strong-willed yet defensive of those who insult him because of how he is unable to understand martial arts the same way most of his other peers can. As a result, he is classified as a "disabled being."

When I drew Kazuki, I first used a H and 4B pencil to roughly draw and shade the character. Then I used 08, 05, 03, and 005 pigma micro pens to ink the outlines. Finally, I used tombow (I think that's what it's called) markers to color .

Feel free to leave any comments about the character.
Art from me and my ex bf. I still like this drawwing so thats why its still here ^___~
XD i know it's not anime/manga, but critics are welcome, i tried to paint chinese style
 \(@.@)/ , i called it: birdie that looks up XD
Practising with my markers. That's why it has no background and she's leaning on a random pole: because it's just for practise ^_~ also I don't have that many different colors so my possibilities are limited. Markers have their disadvantages, but I'm pretty satisfied with this one. Tips anyone??
one of my character designs i realy like this one
If you don't recognize this character.. I'm hurt. She's my favorite character from this series (which you all will recognize) and this is the series I grew up with. =P Girlyness. Anyways, she also was the first thing I drew which marked my ability to draw well.. lol. So, here I am, trying to go back to paper and pencil sketching and decided to start with a sketch of her. This all done freehand. I draw her quite a lot so I memorized most of the details. =P Hope you like it.