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tada its colord ^^  the coloring is totatly done in photo shop 6 and i created the background myself ^^, i hope you like it
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TheDarkHell tada its colord ^^ the coloring is totatly done in photo shop 6 and i created the background myself ^^, i hope you like it
Zeiroid 2004-04-16 16:05:55 Mighty stuff ^_^ you really get a feeling of how big these dragons are ^_^ Try to fineline it some time ^_^
TheDarkHell 2004-04-17 01:44:51 thx for the comments ^^ and dark cloud the tools i used in photo shop are: airbrush, pencil, fill tool, dodge tool, burntool, polygonal lasso tool, blur tool, magic wand tool and from time to time the eraser tool ^^ and iff you mix that up a bid you get something like this :P
MatthiusMonkey 2004-05-31 00:35:15 great coloring great poses great drawing it is basicly 1 of thr gratest drogon pics ever
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Gaku Namikiri from Yu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend.
Now its not really finish but i dnt want to mess with either...its confussing

I drew this as a logo/mascot for a friend of mine as a favour. I have no idea if I will ink and cg it, but I know is, I'm to lazy to do so, lol. NOTE: the logo will be the head only =p
Milo. Yaaaaaay. :/ This took me HOURS. The entire time of which I spent listening to two certain people prattle on about World of Warcraft. I'd call it a valuable learning experience about the WoW culture, but I'd be lying. Anyway, MSPaint, about 6 hours. Waaaaay longer than a picture like this should have taken. D: Anyway, his finger is way too long, but I didn't notice until it was too late. Oh well...
My first P.N.03 Art. I guess many of you don't know the game. But it's a cool game if you like shoot em ups ;). it's all done in PhotoShop, with mouse again. I like the style of it. The girl (Vanessa) is the leadplayer of the game. The mecha's are enemies offcourse. I tried to create the common graphic leveldesign you see in the game. Since it's all done with mouse by head, some perspective views may be wrong, but I really like this art. I'll do one again tonight, when she enters the last boss. For the folks that have played the game. Any ideas of defeating the last boss? Cause it sickens me...-__-. but I hope you'll like this art.
( i love L. L is awesome. i think i did pretty good. *shrugs shoulders*
Well...its not a sketsh and its not line where do I post this....
My biggest hobby, uploading old crap! this is a gothic valentines card. I DID'NT DREW THE BACKGROUND! just pasted my art in a photo and added the Cradle of Filth logo!
So here I am... uploading some REALLY old shit *giggle* ^^
Manga Art
Lined this pic a week ago, didnt feel the need to color it, but I still colored it, rather made new pics... ah well can do that now. :D so sorry if the coloring is quite bad, just ....didnt want to color, poor excuse I know XD
The choice is always the same...
Well, this here warcraft painting will be used as next months cover in, Im trying to do new things or mediums that i hadnt used in a long time so i did some watercolors, maybe i should have inked the edges but i kinda like the soft look the whole thing has (but i still need more control with the brush), anyways, please ignore the blonde guys face cause it turned out like ass :P
The Raging Spaniard
Sumilidon, again made by my brother.......