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This mermaid was made with opencanvas, what do you think?
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Roweena This mermaid was made with opencanvas, what do you think?
zakuro 2004-04-02 05:14:12 wow, shes beautiful, are you gonna colour it? i think you should, with bright fishy colours and majestic blues!
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A crappy wolf tribal picture I made I dont really like it but oh well
i was going 4 a cheeky yet sweet look i call this picture sweet cherrys i wasnt sure wether to put 18+on it. but u know just in case. piz like it^-^
Deja vu
 (all painted with watercolours, except the "lens flare" lightning effect)
its goku from dragonball z
Much newer pic. ^^ This one is of Ryu and Kei floating in mid-air. Warning: both are nude, but no "naughty bits" are showing. ^_~
4 Panel Comic strikes again.
It's crap and you know it ;)
page 4
I know it aint manga stylish..but I just so love spawn! I think that and the darkness are 2 of the best american style comics there are. I drew this with some simple coloring pencils. (Took about 2 hours just to color it...pfft oh my poor fingers :P)
Another simple comic, wich is a remake of an older comic also on this site. Just wanted to redo it in the same style as my other comic. Hope you all digs
I thought that this image would never get out of my head, I like the little details in it
Sozo teki
yay finished Alinam CG version =D I uploaded the sketch of him earlier last night @.@ I'm rather proud of the CG since I haven't CG'ed in a while ^^; He's an animal-shifter so that's probably why i used so many earthly tones...
... ...