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Hi guys, long time no see. Finally have some courage to post stuff here again. I hope you guys will like this. Thanks. -- Pen: Pilot G-tech, Color: Prisma Markers, Time: 12 hours.
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mirage-maiden Hi guys, long time no see. Finally have some courage to post stuff here again. I hope you guys will like this. Thanks. -- Pen: Pilot G-tech, Color: Prisma Markers, Time: 12 hours.
TheDarkHell 2004-03-10 13:41:24 wow O_O awesome
The Raging Spaniard 2004-03-10 15:24:32 courage? come on girl, its awesome! The flaw is the hair is colored the exact same way as the clothing/folds, so everything gets kinda confusing (or not so attractive to look at) but still nice, good collage
Remi 2004-03-10 16:05:11 The clothes and the hair.. just awesome.
gothqueen 2004-03-10 21:06:29 beautiful! 12 wow, I don't have that much patience
Nightwind 2004-03-12 02:43:31 why do yoo need courage to post somethig your art is so freaking awesome!!!!!! mutch respect!! can you give me some hints on drawing manga please *lookinghopefully*
mirage-maiden 2004-03-12 08:27:49 >_>; I have no clue, I just feel people get bored looking at my arts, since I don't improved. I want to post something that different or something that shows my improvement. I feel it's getting tougher to post something here. >Nightwind: making manga, you have to have story, character, layout, composition and setting. Make sure that the panels can be easy to understand, flows smotthly from a panel to another panel to tell story. Use various angle, close up, high angle, low angle, wide shot, etc to make each panel interesting. Finally, add some shadings, such as screen tones or black shadings. This will create depth. Don't overdo, it's just going to make the comic harder to read. Hope that helps ^^
AIKUZA 2005-05-11 22:12:11 unseen.jpg? what a weird name for such a great art. Folds and hyperbolts bzbzbzbzbzz
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Random art
This is a sketch i've been working on, a while now actually. I'm still working one her hands and arms. Been trying to find a new style for me, and I like her face so far ^^
this is my anime character
is ist good?
tis me, back from the dead...
Started as a sketchtraining on how to draw faces from different views and ended up colored and stuff :P  What a shitpic
I'm not very good at drawing hands, and something doesn't seem right about this picture. Strange proportions maybe... Comments anybody?
Andalyn Van Hellsing
This is a picture of Sailor Jupiter.
SUPER OLD screen shot I was workin on for Cache.  His Old Design.
 	Many hands for many amusements! The court jester dabbles in magic, foolery & even politics, so don't let this fashionable harlequin buffoon fool you. He may know more than what we may think! After all, he's at court almost 24/7.
a weapons master. critics welcome
My character for  
Maniacal little killer baby, heh heh.
I nearly gave up on this pic, but then I just decided to sketch the rest in pen real quick, then scan it in and see what i could do with it in photoshop.  Suprizingly it turned out somewhat decent.  It's just a sketchy kinda style is all.
I finally got myself a graphire4 4x5 tablet, it was really hard to use that i pretty much wanted to give up using it. I was just creating some random lines  on photoshop and somehow gave me an outline in my head so i use it to draw this picture. (i hid the random line layer) Sadly it didn't turn out well as expected, but i was happy with it.
hey people its been a while ^^ well this is something i made after watching a dvd of Scott Robertson and of how he makes his Environments as an concept artist and well .. it work the techniek he uses work pretty well :D and its fast, i think this took me an hour or so .. and that for a first try i think is pretty nice ^^