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A guy shooting at SOMETHING...
But what is he shooting at????
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Neoflox A guy shooting at SOMETHING... But what is he shooting at???? (^_^)
Mactire 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Could he be shooting at your teacher? Dunno, but I sometimes would love to^_^
Neoflox 0000-00-00 00:00:00 >>: well your not a pain in the ass thank 4 the advice!! erhmm it's just a sketch (^_^)
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actually...summer had begun....and it's so warm here in the Philippines.... that you will enjoy swimming, playing outdoors, picnics and other activities before the next season begin or the rainy season that will start in june or july
new sketch! Luffy from One Piece in a new style.
Dustin C.
this is a picture of a guy my friend and I saw downtown.... IM NOT A STALKER!!! ok so... we were trying to explin what he looks like to a friend but we couldnt do it, so i just drew him instead. it kinda looks like  him... ~~done with a pencil and a ball-point pen, those things on his chin are peircings... they kinda dont look like it.
2nd strip of my crappy comic, it sucks monkey arse...
Wolverine and cyclops..sort of..:)
should have spent a little more time on cyclops..but i didnt.
wel....I finished's...creapy =S
Krad from DN Angel ©
i really like how this is turning out so far ^_^
tell me what you think
This was the next piture after my angel Kara picture. i was so proud of this because i didnt think i could keep up the high quality like i did with the angel! But instead i did and the background really turned out great. not as happy with the character work but i feel the background is better. This picture used over 28 colouring pencils!
This here is a character I created for my original story called "War of the Arts." The character's name is Kazuki Dekiru (Kazuki means "birth of a new generation," and Dekiru means "capable). He is a 14-year old practioner of Taijutsu and can manipulate fire, but he is somewhat unaware of his true ability. He is also strong-willed yet defensive of those who insult him because of how he is unable to understand martial arts the same way most of his other peers can. As a result, he is classified as a "disabled being."

When I drew Kazuki, I first used a H and 4B pencil to roughly draw and shade the character. Then I used 08, 05, 03, and 005 pigma micro pens to ink the outlines. Finally, I used tombow (I think that's what it's called) markers to color .

Feel free to leave any comments about the character.
a quick sketch of my avatar Mai Lan from gaiaonline ^-^
Lost in a ocean of blood 
He is actually having a nightmare … he now knows that the end draws near …
Lined this pic a week ago, didnt feel the need to color it, but I still colored it, rather made new pics... ah well can do that now. :D so sorry if the coloring is quite bad, just ....didnt want to color, poor excuse I know XD
A Sentinel from the matrix! I  saw a concept art of this somewhere and so I drew it after that example..hope u like it
inuyasha (