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A guy shooting at SOMETHING...
But what is he shooting at????
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Neoflox A guy shooting at SOMETHING... But what is he shooting at???? (^_^)
Mactire 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Could he be shooting at your teacher? Dunno, but I sometimes would love to^_^
Neoflox 0000-00-00 00:00:00 >>: well your not a pain in the ass thank 4 the advice!! erhmm it's just a sketch (^_^)
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Random art
character design.. does anybody have color suggestions? i cant think of how to color her D=
hellow msw! been long time didn't upload anything, been busy with work and classes. this one i made during my freetime at work, just practicing on illustrator. enjoy!
Hello, everyone! :D I'm new and this is my first art here. Work from 15th February 2007.
Hyuuuu~! My original character, Miriel in colors. Just CG art + more effects.
Texture from
Lineart + texture + vector autoshape + my dad's photo :D
And work for some hours in PS CS2.
a bit of character design ^^. She is suppous to look girly but not to much. A bit of SWAT but not to much. i still have to think a place for guns and ammo ... but i rather hide them (i dont like guns. please feel free to C&C. Whatever comes to your mind it will be highly appreciated ^-^
I felt guilty for the other bunnydrawing, so I bunnied myself too! xD I'm just gonna bunny everybody that talks to me tonight... lucky friends, it's 3am xD
from my first manga Royal Icing, pg 22, also up on

Anime Fairy.  Again, done a while ago.  Water color, micron pen, and a touch of acrylic white.
Due to summer holidays I finally found the time to ink this piccie .. Still too slow though .. Hopefully the color version will be a success ^_^
Kurama is one of my favorite anime character. i draw him in paint. hope you'll like this simple drawing of mine though it is really simple. i'll be glad to your comments.
Here's KBP1, another cyborg from the "Kazahana Family Mass Battle" story.
Abby Johnson & Chris Folton © Gabby Oduro
This is Buttercup!
I'm kinda in a slump at the moment, everything I try to draw comes out wrong and far from how I wanted it to be. This is one of those drawings (it was suposed to be my character from Monster Hunter Freedom), it wouldn't be so bad but I'v been like this for 2 weeks now, if I don't draw something soon I'm gonna go mad!!! :(