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merry christmas you all!And a happy new year:)
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paper-samurai merry christmas you all!And a happy new year:)
AIKUZA 2005-03-26 00:25:30 25-5-2005: I havent seen you draw these kinda arts again lately. nice art! I love her teeth
AIKUZA 2005-03-26 00:25:51 that's 25-3-2005
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my first art, I did the best i could, i hope you like it. I yust need to buy photoshop now -_-
I'll upload the colored version soon....I guess.
finally decided to take the time to color a pic on the computer...used ms paint lol and it took FOREVER!! aah...but it's still not done, i just decided to put it up here for now to see what you guys think
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There aren't any good color artworks of Garla (main chara of my manga Gott Gauss) and she is a little romanticist, thus I wanted to draw a christmas image with her.^^

Who does she buy all this gifts for? @_@

Outlines: black fineliner COPIC Multi Line' 0,05 mm
Medium: Copic Ciao, opaque white, white crayon
Paper type: satined Color Copy laserprint-paper (Neusiedler); 120g/m²
Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
Time: 4,5 h
umm it's kinda faded but just a sketch
Hello everybuddy :) The name's Gene. Nice to meet you all! I have to apologize now. Yep, I was Jean Jaque, but... that was just a little joke ^^' That day I was in a crazy mood, let's say. But you guys gave me such a warm welcome, and there really are some great artists arround here!.. so I thought, let's behave^^ Hope u can forgive me..
I'm a drawing-partner of Fate. (got much respect for this great artist) Well... now you know some of me.. here's some of my art. I made this drawing in Artrage (maybe not that familiar ammong all the beautiful programs) I've also put a little filter on it, using Photoshop. Now.. gimme some comments ;) see ya!