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My Super hero!!Its Isamu from my far from finishd comic:)
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paper-samurai My Super hero!!Its Isamu from my far from finishd comic:)
JasonSas 2011-06-19 14:42:12 Now THAT's pro stuff.
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Random art
Hina. That one girl character I never draw, hahaha. D: It's a pity, because she's really quite fun to doodle.

I need to draw my female characters more often.
My RPG character, who I also use as a drawing character. I'll probably CG it when I get my tablet working. Until then. It's lineart.
a sketch of a close friend of mine.
Yay for first period study hall doodles~! :0 This only took me an hour, which is surprising, considering how many HOURS ON END it took me to draw my LAST sunset. D< So yeah, doodle-licious. Whee.
Just Basara from Macross 7 ^.^
A super basic manga coloring from last year using a paint tool

this sketch was based on Inu-Yasha ... but i did some changes
OC. He just gets manlier and hairier every time I draw him...
Oh man I do need to practice more .. So many mistakes (hand, pose, perspective..) I really need to find more time to draw because whenever I take a slight 'pause' (of, say, 2 months) I never get better .. This stuff still has the same feel like the first drawings I submitted here .. Anyway, it is unfinished as you can see & sorry for the low quality!
flying Guy in the sky :P
Hello, everyone! :D I'm new and this is my first art here. Work from 15th February 2007.
Hyuuuu~! My original character, Miriel in colors. Just CG art + more effects.
Texture from
Lineart + texture + vector autoshape + my dad's photo :D
And work for some hours in PS CS2.
 Another messy sketch, Trying to experiment with some poses. This be first time I ever tried this pose actually. Hope everybody like ^-^y
no got really much to say beside for that i really need a lot more improvement to work on =/