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i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking  of also making a colored version.
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mxbyte i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking of also making a colored version.
TheDarkHell 2003-12-10 10:46:46 sephiroth is so cool :P
FinalMajin 2003-12-11 09:41:17 Yeah! Sephiroth! Me like him ^ ^ I like your drawing, but I think his eyes are a bit small. But it's really nice
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Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
Just brush practice.
Well hello there, it has been awhile since i posted a art work, but here ya go :D
Again a very large drawing of mine... 70x50 it's the original size and it took me some weeks to finish it... but I like it very much this time. I also wrote a poem, only in germn, but if somebody understand:

Ein Blick in deine Augen
zeigt mir Sicherheit, Liebe und Vertrauen,
ein Glücksgefühl durchströmt meinen Körper
und zeigt mir, dass ich dir vollkommen vertrauen kann, blind deinen grünen Augen folgen kann, 
ohne verraten oder missbraucht zu werden.

Das tiefe Grün zieht mich magisch in deinen Bann,
du, unwissend über das was du mit mir tust, lächelst nur, hälst mich fest und gibst mir Schutz.
Zu gerne verliere ich mich in deinen Armen und lass mich von deinem strahlenden Grün gefangen nehmen.
this is a little zombie girl with a big sword enough said bahahahaha
Sorry for the vague image...
It was a rather light sketch so you must look closely to see it good...
FURRYTIME! rrrrrrrrrr Furry :3
just practicing a little bit of perspective :3
heh heh...done for my art class a year or so with reds!!
/// Outlines: black pen 
/// Medium: watercolour, acrylic /// Background: watercolour, acrylic, partial sprayed 
/// Paper type: watercolour; 250g/m2 
/// Size: DIN A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) 
*cries along*
ms. Willow, the newly designed character for my little project "The fallen angel of Crow's Cross". I'm planning on making a short manga with her, if I can find the time that is. For the time being, her is her charecter design for you to enjoy!
Some time ago i was drawing something and this came up finaly, it became an elf that is holding a samoeraisword