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It's been a while since i uploaded something? So?   Ain't some girls cute when there angry?
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Def Character It's been a while since i uploaded something? So? Ain't some girls cute when there angry?
Dustin C. 2003-11-11 16:31:27 heehee, could that be one of the MWS ladies? ^o^
mirage-maiden 2003-11-12 11:47:33 Interesting thumbnail ^^
FirstBorn 2004-04-09 13:14:45 Very nice! I like the expression and good job on the hands and folds. Nice t-shirt design too. ;-)
edragon 2006-03-22 14:09:41 AWESOME, reminds me of the old comics my dad has man!
Viviane 2007-05-20 05:10:13 Remembers me a little bit of Burma (or Akane from Ranma½?). XD I like charas with alot of expression in the artwork. It looks very dynamically!
AILEEN 2008-05-10 14:23:14 She sure is!!! :) Very kawaii!
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Random art
Super quick sketch of...just some random cartoon guy. Then i gave him a detective hat so i guess that makes him a detective. :P I've recently been experimenting with more cartoonish styles but haven't been able to replicate it with my tablet =[  this one was done with my tablet though in photoshop 5.0 in probably like 15 minutes
A banner-type thing I made for the comic my friend and I are writing. :)
Caesar continued. not finished yet but i kinda like it so far. i've spent so long on this O_O but umm...i dont like his face its turning out really crummy T_T so i guess ill just show it when im done w/ the whole thing
waiting for the last train home XD

haha ^^''
phooooo I forgot my password so I tryed lots of password's but i figured it out so here's a new drawing of mine! huray:P
here are those plushies screen toned
i thought this would be funny which would you rather have a suppository this big or be probed bahahahaha
Hi ^^ how are you guys?? I've been practicing drawing realistic portraits,, i was planning on drawing Yoon Eun Hye , one of my favorite actress, but that was too difficult so it turned out to be my own character. It's not ready yet!! >.<
Mike with Matt this time
people seem to like Matt, but he rarely moves and never talks
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
seto and mokuba kaiba^^ aren't they cute together? originals from Yugioh ©
i drawd it from a poster (its not traced) 
and dynasty sat is cleaning up and coloring it i screwed up the hand but i like it very much c&c are very needed and wanted!!!
Page 3 of a few pages long comic I'm making.Still a sketch and text will be added after I lined it.