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Third installment of The Haystack Murders. Only one more to go.
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Remi Third installment of The Haystack Murders. Only one more to go.
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Random art

It's the colour version of my cartoon self. still not satisfy with the hair shines and some of the cell shading, but it is the best I can do with my current ability ^^;
It's hand magic?
Another character for Attune. A teammate of the main character Aries, Apollo.
i'm new to drawing manga but i willing
to take advice because i want to make
professional manga one day so please
help me
My original Character, Redler :)
LM MENTS page 12
old one made it one yr ago
One of the main char in AQ (some story me and my friend are collaborating in).... Any suggestions welcomed!! ><
hey people its been a while sinds i last uploaded. well anyways here is a pic that im going to paint on a wall add our new school bilding well im going to try because i never paint ^^. i tryed to do a new way of coloring kinda like the manga carta coloring style, they most of the time only use brushes in photoshop so i tryed that to(but iff still got a looong way to go :P ). the line art is drawn whit the fine liner tho. well tell me what you think
Just some line art I drew. Hope you ENJOY @_@
wow, this is probably one of the most time-consuming oekakis I've done yet.  Five hours @_@  probably because I was using a different board than normal and the controls were screwing me up >_>  anyway, random cat girl person...with a strange little puffball thingie @_@  just don't ask ._.
and here is another shot of kaiju
My second digital manga... Unfinished