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The Haystack Murders continue. (I should have called this the Halloween Special really ^^)
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Remi The Haystack Murders continue. (I should have called this the Halloween Special really ^^)
Remi 2003-10-29 22:35:01 But but but.. I have a name. :| Or is 4 (panel comic) just too lame? ^^
KurriKlown 2003-10-29 23:02:13 You're sure this is a haystack, and not a strawstack? ;P I like the way how David gets eaten.. he has no clue :)
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Random art
Dark Elf Chibi Archer i made years ago, got it stolen once :P Darn art grabbing free server >_> too bad for them the ONLY one who can use it is ME and NCsoft :3 ( Lineage 2 character )
This here is Ragnaros, one of the final bosses in World of Warcraft. I turned this in for a fan art contest Blizzard had in relation to their upcoming convention
The Raging Spaniard
Right, My "First official" manga image.
This is a black ink, colored pencil drawing on 8x11 off white card stock. Turn it twist it and i may do the same to you.
Ok, I had to censor this picture for our younger viewers, sorry.
Im really into Goth, but i dond draw it that much....wonder why....
tried to make a "youth and death" kinda scary illustration. note, original size was A2, try scanning that!!!
Work with my new markers.
My chibi hatching from an egg xD
A drawing of Eralgo. It´s a city located under a humongous mountain. Well, it´s gonna be featured in my manga, yet it doesn´t appear in first part (~5 first chapters)
I need to get some sleep, just wanted to try out my new Wacom Bamboo tablet. Inspired by a kitten called Kiara who's always trying to steal my food when im in the kitchen ^-^

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One of my earliest commissions, I was paid to draw a Jester mech with extendable arms holding bombs sitting on top a large ball...did I succeed?
in captivity
lil' sketch!
:) enjoy, this took like 30 minutes? i think :s what else should i draw? thanks