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I hate it when my drawings look so crappy because of the scanner >_< 
Anyways! Yu-Gi-Oh! fanart! Yay! Yami is just too sexy ^_~
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ukkie I hate it when my drawings look so crappy because of the scanner >_< Anyways! Yu-Gi-Oh! fanart! Yay! Yami is just too sexy ^_~
Dustin C. 2003-10-23 21:18:45 finaly, a non-yaoi fanart! it looks very good. maybe clean it up a little in editing. nice job.
gothqueen 2003-10-24 20:59:40 Jeeej Yami *drools* Your Yami drawing is so much better than mine, not fair, you're better in everything :( Hahaha, wel anyway, keep it up!
phant00m 2004-08-07 16:18:24 Very good :D I like the way how he is holding his cards ^^
umi 2005-11-08 03:02:28 I mosty like the shades in his outfit! exelent job^^ you and yami rock!^^
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Random art
An older one. The inking job was done really fast so it doesnt look as nice...but I like the expression and all. What should I improve on in my drawwings?
Sorry it's in very low res .. Still playing around with photoshop and stuff .. Anyway, I wanted to draw a kinda mad religious mecha with an enormous cross using as a shield or whatever .. Oh well .. Anyway, I hope the color scheme kinda suits .. Still some errors visible I think and the line-art could've been cleaner ..
aeris from ff7 (my fave game in the world) in my own coulors
This is the last pic I'll put up for now. Hope you like it, I'm very pleased with this pic. I want to know what you all think about these three pics though.
Realistic human proportions? What's that? ^_~
This is a drawing I made in the train on my way to Germany. I don't like the hair... But hey, I tried something new ^^
Just a sketch :P (I suck)
my own version of tom sawyer huck and joe at the jackson island.
look he's a litle of road.
i draw this just jet. give me comments ;)
This one I did for someone very special. I think it turned out pretty good, this being the first time I attempted drawing a dragon (or anything fantasy like). What do you people think?
I got bored one day, so I started to arrange the icons on my desktop to resemble the head of Mario(Nintendo?) from a side view. That gave me the idea of making, first, a file/folder icon; then this.
Teaser page for my manga.
Art (c) 2009 Sophie Mann, Squiditha Art Inc.
Sophie Mann
my first artwork as Ruisu Raito.... Emo on Winter
ruby's face looks weard, I know, but it's so cute, I just HAD to upload it^^
ruby's from tenshi tokyo © (fanfic)and diablo is actualy edward from full metal alchemist ©