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no. VI
The shirt reads 'I love seppuku'.
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Remi no. VI The shirt reads 'I love seppuku'.
Dustin C. 2003-10-15 00:17:04 the guy playing looks like he has the body of a girl...^_^;;
KurriKlown 2003-10-15 16:35:15 Exactly, gameplaying comes before cleaning up a smelly and moist cardboard box :) Cool Mitsurugi-style hair there.
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Random art
Nameless - CG: Paint Shop Pro - Black and White with just a tad of colour in the eyes. I'm going to CG this more seriously sometime later - oct 2003
current project i
m working on for
Dustin C.
character named red01 in my comic...
pretty cool eh?
damn proud of it, that I am.
i think theyre rly cute ^^
altough it didnt work out as pretty as i hoped.. <=(
character from my manga
Def Character
zeph, if you are out there, also, i've really been allured by your work recently. the sensitivity and grace you instill in your portraits...
it may not seem like much, but this piece was sort of my homage to how much i admire you...obviously, i'm not good enough to do what you do,
but i feel like i've learned so much from observing your work*
Sakura dosnt suck anymore, hazaa! done in ink and pencil cryons
Client work.

A Guitar Hero Les Gibson Faceplate. Its Engrish FTW!

Other paintjobs and visit my website BleedingViolin for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
Its a girl drawing,really try'd to make a little work of this one.
Remake of the first picture in my   gallery   130695.html which was done two   years ago, when I was 14. I wanted to   see how much I improved ^_^

My OC, Haley Esther (who is subject   of good 1/4 of my drawings, but haven't   thought of a story nor solid character   design for him yet, I probably never   will) playing around with things on his   messy bed.

This picture   took me so much time, holy- little   details with pencil crayons is death.   X_X

Done with Prismacolor   markers and pencils, as usual. I like   how I left the pants open, it says a lot   about the character I'm thinking of O_o
Cover art for my amateur manga entitled "Antero Chronicles"
hi everyone! and now, moment of self comments ... what i like of this pic: the girl, the outfit, her eyes colorwork . And what i dont like: i dont know why the outline got a bit blur, shadows were a pain in the .... , her nose is odd and ... pretty much else too .