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Who ever said that Death is male? 
(psst...sorry for the black stripe at the left >_<)
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ukkie Who ever said that Death is male? (psst...sorry for the black stripe at the left >_<)
ukkie 2003-10-12 21:45:32 If you read this Ealynn: could you then please explain to me how I could make the folds better? ^_^ Thanks! ^_^
gothqueen 2003-10-13 20:38:26 Wow, now that's a theme I adore. I think Stef and I have finally infected you with our 'darkness' hahaha. Keep it up. Love the hair and the scythe. ^_^
phant00m 2004-08-07 16:19:42 Freaky :D
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Random art
ooh, a pixel portrait of myself. goto the forums for some more info. ^^
Dustin C.

Blue Heart
title page of first chapter of my first manga graphic novel, already published and on Amazon.
just some random mecha sketches i did in photoshop ^^
Practicing poses wich I colored really quick. This one is actually a few weeks old but thought I should put it up anyway, been gone for a while so yeah :P 
Got so much W.I.P's I need to finish.... And I will work on them starting today so I'll be uploading a lot of new pictures soon! =D
i just made this.....a little...simple

Fanart of Samurai Deeper Kyo. This time it's Yukimura and Benitora. It's nice to do some anime again. Woot Woot
wee! latest page of DRAW! ^_^
Dustin C.
"REBIRTH" Page number 2
chibi is really hard for me. trying to improve here.
Testing out corel essentials 3 like paul convinced me O_o 

hope you like it c&c are welcome
This is my first upload!
Hope I will get along with everyone! :D