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Who ever said that Death is male? 
(psst...sorry for the black stripe at the left >_<)
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ukkie Who ever said that Death is male? (psst...sorry for the black stripe at the left >_<)
ukkie 2003-10-12 21:45:32 If you read this Ealynn: could you then please explain to me how I could make the folds better? ^_^ Thanks! ^_^
gothqueen 2003-10-13 20:38:26 Wow, now that's a theme I adore. I think Stef and I have finally infected you with our 'darkness' hahaha. Keep it up. Love the hair and the scythe. ^_^
phant00m 2004-08-07 16:19:42 Freaky :D
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Random art
It's the colour version of my cartoon self. still not satisfy with the hair shines and some of the cell shading, but it is the best I can do with my current ability ^^;
for my dad`s birthdey b^^d
pencil no jutsu
A birthday gift for the Fablespinner D. ^^ It's (suppose to be) Trowa and Quatre from Gundum Wing. I'dlike to go on the record to say . . . I stink at skin tones! ^^;; Tro and Quat's are waaaaay too contrasting. Ah, hell. I'll just say Tro got a tan from Quat's sunny disposition and leave it at that! ^^;;

well its the end of summer, so me and manaphy are pissed!
took all day to color in photoshop, and a few hours to do the background earlier. i think it came out pretty good. ^_^
for a bigger resolution version goto my DeviantArt page. <br>
Dustin C.
zodiac leo
ThiefKing~ Lookin' vary American thar, nay? 8D I dunno.

I rather like his face. I could have done a better job coloring, though. :/ I accidentally killed the coat while adding the darker color to it, hahaha. Whoops. I actually killed an older version of this one, too, and had to restart. The older one was funny. He looked like Harrison Ford. :B
Hey!! back from a holiday in Vietnam, Here is a new version of Zy!! I like this one the most ^-^
well just a very quick drawing to test my new color pens I know it's kinda messy sorry about that ^^'  watcha think?
A quick MSN doodle...
just an assortment. hope u'll like it.
this is one of my favourite sketches so far. what do you guys think?
and i like to go to ze discotek... ze discotek is where i go to dance