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Well, it's been a while since the last I seriously draw something. Anyway, my birthday is coming *yikes* ^^; I feel my age....
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mirage-maiden Well, it's been a while since the last I seriously draw something. Anyway, my birthday is coming *yikes* ^^; I feel my age....
TheDarkHell 2003-09-08 10:56:20 O_O holy shit looks fucking great awesome ^_^
TheDarkHell 2003-09-08 11:49:55 but.... i only think the right line of the thin needs to be a bit down and the thin it self a bit to the right (it could be just me ^_^ )but for the rest great drawing !!!!!
jackson 2003-09-08 13:33:59 wow cool awesome sweet
Def Character 2003-09-08 13:46:35 Gorgeous?
Remi 2003-09-08 16:05:29 Wow.. the hair, it looks amazing.
Dustin C. 2003-09-08 16:10:20 very nice! great detailing. a beautiful peice of work. Happy Birthday!
The Raging Spaniard 2003-09-08 21:02:06 happy upcoming b day! as far as the picture..yeah, the anatomy problems the face has (misplaced chin, overly large top of the head) retract a little bit, but the overall anatomy, linework and layout/design kick some serious ass, very pretty
NikA 2003-09-08 22:48:46 0.0 soooooo freaking cute!!! hurra hurra hurra!!!!
mirage-maiden 2003-09-09 00:07:59 No!! I can't calm down!! It's the end of teenagers life, >___<; Anyway ignore my stupid rant. About the chin... I seriously don't think it as a problem, but since you guys mentioned, it might be a problem ^^; As for the head, it's a new style that I am currently obsessed with, I like big head XD
mirage-maiden 2003-09-09 00:26:58 Oh yeah, .neko.excel. feel free to color her. ^_^
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Random art
:D third page.
and the song takado is singing is "Bad things" by Wednesday 13. It's a badass song xD
It's a present for a friend of mine, she likes totoro and doraemon :)
<p align="left">
<b>A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! ^_^</b>
This image is dedicated to Gabriel DeVue. I took Garla Lambert and Selt Brander out of the context and drew them in japanese costumes, because I admire the pattern and shapes on these fabrics so much and I love to lose myself into drawing details. I really want to get better at drawing kimono patterns.^_^
That's an illustration of my manga GOTT GAUSS. You can read it online for free here: <a href=""></a>
Outlines: black fineliner (Copic) 0,05 mm<br>
Medium: Tria-marker, indian ink, watercolour, coloured fineliners<br>
Paper: watercolour; 250g/m², 21 x 22,5 cm<br>
Time: 11½ h<br>
<a href=""></a>
I'll likely never finish this. Got lazy. It's Alexstrasza's elf form, as seen in WoW.
Some of my latest art a beast. What do you think of it?
A young wizard is off to another adventure. He has just recently hatched his first dragon egg & is now set upon the task of collecting artifacts of power from all ends of the earth. They do make a brilliant pair, don't they?
I know not comic related, but i will have comic stuff this summer i promise.
(image is of me and my hooker Lulu ^_^)
I was bored at school so i drew Cooro from the awesome manga: +Anima :D

but the eyes are to small...:(
having much fun with neopiko markers and fineliners.. ^__^
ah, yet more role-playing characters, though the shirtless one is not mine.  I'll probably add a background to this at some later date, but since it was kind of a distraction from the tarot project, I don't feel especially motivated to finish it at the moment.  Anyhow, liked it well enough as-is, thought I'd go ahead and put it up : )
Now for the humans, my shojou/supposedly shonen-ai for most, manga Biology, as an anime screenshot, which I still like. 

Erei, the redhead, is a girl dressed up as a guy in an all guys' academy, basically, being teased all her life made her believe it would be easier if she just became a guy, she ends up being the tutor to the Gangleader of the school Tenmu, whose a lot more than he lets on. Subject for tutoring: Biology! Thus, the caption.

Erei and Tenmu drawn and colored in flash, the BG was done in Photoshop CS.

Erei, Tenmu, Biology and all its characters is copyrighted 2005 Tabitha "TabiKat" Vocque
a little late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Dustin C.
Sketch-Line art: Adobe photoshop CS2
Color: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Tools: Wacom Graphirre 4
Estimate Time: +- 8 Hours

** Drawing from a certain person photo (Manga-ver)