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A! This is a picture of ducks crossed with mangakarakters...
Perhaps i should make a comic out of it..
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Neoflox A! This is a picture of ducks crossed with mangakarakters... Perhaps i should make a comic out of it..
Neoflox 2003-09-07 23:50:34 ...I know the mighty ducks, they are more something for A little brother or Sister...I intent (if) to make a comic where you have a more serieus storyline... (Thnx)
NikA 2003-09-08 01:41:17 it reminds me of rammstein .... hehehe, its very good, i specialy like the ammo d^,^b
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Random art
Another Feyra, created for the sole purpose of giving Artemis someone to cuddle. ^^ (I need to draw that, too)
Coco Neko (stage name) is an exotic dancer and is one of the very few Feyras to actually shave. (legs, arms, chest . . . ) The company he works for prefers their dancers "smooth". He met Artemis one night when he (Artemis) was moon dancing alone on a beach. Let's just say they hit it off. ^_~
I gave Coco dark coloring because . . . well, I was tired of doing pale bish all the time and wanted some diversity. ^^; I hope he's not *too* dark . . . 
.05 mm HB mechanical pencil-->>Paint Shop Pro 8.1
The Kaiba brothers again, this time without looking at an example. I'mm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, only the proportions aren't good, or Seto is too small or Mokuba is too big. Hey I'll just pretend the kid has grown ^_^
A man i have drawn today, luckily, i could use the scanner of my parents =D
scanned line-art, collouring in photoshop, background is a photo.
i have never painted b4, so i was practicing, i know it cam out bad cos it dripped every where.....but 4 som reason i still like it. Well tell me wat u think.... C&C pls <3 *muah*
a woman warrior
messing arround
Very old
I drew this cute little girl during art class last year. Well, she got me a free 100 for the day so she gets too grace the pages of this site!^_^!
here is another one tell me the tips i
need thank you
a painting gaara, i dont no why blue paint. but i hope you like him.
=3 an small sketch, probably one of those that i will never have time to finish xD. Just like in old time, drawing was a great stress release =3 now im all relaxed and stuff =3 i just like torture/blood theme or whatever you call it xD. mhh btw, I tried openCanvas4 and i hate it D= i prefer version 3
Somethings I drew in painter,far from fantasic but hey better luck next time XD
A gift to my family. Took me some time to colour it. I had to make it very small and that;s why most of the detail is hard to see. And the Heart thing. i had to make it with the mouse and was pretty difficult and i was in a hurry. so. not to happy with the result