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Just a sketch.Feel free to comment
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Misato Just a sketch.Feel free to comment
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Random art
A "comic" I am making for a friend of mine. It's read from left to right, except for the first panel... but anyone that reads the lines can figure that out right? XD
just a random sketch of a girl that just woke up... 
i realize her hands are too small O_O
Something old I never finished ^^
this one has the same problem as the 1st... but he looks good to myself
another atempt at drawing a chibbi ,tell me what you think ...^O^
so this is an original, my little sister was about 10 when i drew this, and this is what i beleive her spirit would look like!     did this with a non waterproof pen, and water colours... ya figure that one out!
lol I have harder time coming up with a description than I do drawing the pictures
For all you Lara Croft lovers... still a WIP, made in ILL CS2
just a pic, I don´t have nothing to say about it
Dramacon copyright Svetlana Chmakova.

Chriss and Emily; ink wash. About two hours.
we got the assignment to draw skeletons at the artschool , this is what came out o' my pencil , I kinda like it , but not a lot...
Inked gift for my friend of his character, I've started the colouring on this numerous times but always start over because I learned something new. Hopefully this time will be the last.
A DOLLFIE. <33 I love dollfie. They are so perfect and cute and stuff. I love them to death, and I want one soo bad. xD Anyhow, I did this in science class. So yeh. That's why it's on lined paper.
Seiten Taisei
from Saiyuki