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This is a drawing of YugiYami from Yugi-oh. This is the first drawing I put on the net, so please comment.
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gothqueen This is a drawing of YugiYami from Yugi-oh. This is the first drawing I put on the net, so please comment.
Remi 2003-08-13 18:14:15 Yugi looks real tough and all, but I was watching the anime one time and he seemed like a bit of a wimp.. I wish they had made him a bit darker, like in this drawing. He looks real cool this way.
Dustin C. 2003-08-13 20:11:17 read the manga sometime, yami is a psycho! darn censorship. nice pic!
Def Character 2003-08-14 08:09:36 Great fan-art?
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My crappy and cheap business card... please comment.
So I decided I should try to finish this. It was a fan art from Sailor Moon(whichever series) and a birthday gift for my friend a long time ago, but I did a very poor job, so I decided to redo the entire thing. I drew the original line art by hand and did the coloring and other stuff in one program or another. !!c&c please!! *updated*
this shows the more darker side to the emo maid i drew earlyer i disided to change the shape of her eyes and make her look more inocent. im realy happy with his character i must think of a name sugestions will be much appreiciated. thank u
Sorry, Abit late for Christmas, but this was one of the Christmas cards made and sold for Pizazz co. Just ask rill, he'll upload his :P Even though theyre not strictly manga :P I just thought people might like them :P
Emma Watson from "Harry Potter".
I made this origanaly as a Nude picture, but I did'nt think some people here would have liked that.

for the original Nude version goto:

I think it turned out great... I wanted to draw her for a looooong time now.
This was the second drawing I made on my way to Germany :p
hi all msw members! this is not manga.. sorry! i am learning freehand and i tried this out! hope you all like it!
just did a lil drawing for fun tell me what u think of it
wiley justin
big spoiler to my fanfic, but it's just sutch a cute drawing ^^ I do think that D-Jinn turned out a bit to young. Jad and D-Jinn are both highly respected (and wanted) chars of LINK ©!^^
Kakashi belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Here is the sketch.
yea, i made a mistake on Alissas face, lol
20 min xmas sketch. i freehanded it so if it has bad anatomy, then thats what i get. enjoy the fuzzy-warmth of it!
Dustin C.
this is my new botguy.