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Please read the guidelines of the forum before posting.

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Read me first - Last Edit: 14th of November 2011

Post by FirstBorn » Sat Oct 21, 2000 1:01 am

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the forum! I've setup some guidelines. Please read them before posting, otherwise people might get pissed off and/or delete your posts or even your account.

Old threads
When replying to threads, please check the date of the last post. If it's been 2 months since anyone replied to that post, it probably has a reason. Let old threads be. If you really want to share something about that subject, contact a poster from the thread or make a new thread. If you think making a new thread makes your reply look stupid, then you should ask yourself if you reply is worth posting. If you do revive an old thread, the thread will most likely be locked by a moderator.

See the picture under my name on the left? It's called an avatar. It's fun. Try it out! You can link your avatar if you like. The forum avatars can be 100X100 pixels maximum.

There are some members I really appreciate. Either because they are nice to me, or very helping, or I just find them extremely cool. ^^; These people will get titles from me. A title is like "The Big Cheese" on the left. Don't whine about a title. You will get one if I (or a moderator) think you've earned it.

Moved or Missing thread?
Is the thread you made missing? Most likely the thread has been moved to another board which suits the subject better. So look around first. Still can't find it? Then there is a possibility that your thread was deleted because it violated the rules.

What is against the rules?
The following things (but not limited to the following things) are against the rules:
- Pornography (any kind)
- General illegal activity
- Promoting of drugs
- Sharing of bittorrents

These guidelines will be updated when I come across other subject or when members point them out. Happy posting! ^___~


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