Karma's Sin screenplay critiques wanted

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Karma's Sin screenplay critiques wanted

Post by Karmas_Sin » Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:01 am

In a room covered in blood five wolf children come out of hiding to find their parents murdered. Not knowing what to do they decide the best thing they could do would be to stick together and protect one another. They stay together for 5 years until...

Princess Eclypse, a young vampire is being forced to marry whom she doesn't love or even remotely like. An arrogant brute with no respect for others. The night before they are to marry Eclypse gathers her most important possessions: her rapier, the clothes on her back and a little money.

The eldest of the wolves,Twins, Ezymae and Hale get in a fight over dominance. Both unhappy with the lack of a favorable outcome decide to leave their two younger siblings, Aura and Laphara, to fend for themselves and protect the youngest Psyflaera on their own.

Eclypse goes to her younger brothers room and convinces him to come along by putting the fear of being next to have to marry the grotesque younger sister of the arrogant brute. They leave their home to find their Oldest brother Equinox with the hopes of convincing him to come back.

A young woman with black hair, blue eyes and fair skin approaches a dark and menacing man with midnight black hair and void black eyes. She calls out to him in glee, wrapping her arms around him. He can't help but smile at her joyful expression, letting his walls down his expression softens.

Chapter 1:

Aura: (giggles) "I like that one Laphara!!!"

Laphara: (Peers up from her drawing and looks straight into Aura's silver eyes.) "Oh yeah? Do you want this outfit Aura?"

Aura: (giggles) " I'd love it in white and blue!"

Aura: (twirls around as if wearing Laphara's drawing.) " I love twirling in pleated skirts. I'd want it to be blue. As for the sailor suit like top I’d want the trim to be red and the rest of it light blue like the skirt! tee hee"

Aura: (pauses for a moment) "Of course i want the shirt part to be white! tee hee"

Laphara: (laughs loudly) "You like the separated triangle look better than the usual connected look?" ( shows aura V V verses \ V / )

Aura: (giggles again) "Yeah, it's different. I like it more."

Laphara: (smiles) "Tch...You always giggle aura."

Aura: (blushes) "S-S-SO? Im a happy wolf girl.... I don't even mean to giggle all the time and you know it!!"

(Laphara laughs loudly and Aura takes notice)

Aura: "You always laugh really loud and obnoxiously. So don't give me grief over my giggles." (Aura sticks her tongue out at Laphara)

Aura: "Besides, I'm sure hearing your laughs doesn't help my suppose giggle problem."

Aura: (giggles)

Laphara: (pouts embarrassingly) "You want this outfit or what?"

Aura: puts on a puppy dog face. "....Yeeees......"

Laphara: (stands up and waves her hand over the drawing and the paper turns into a metallic portal. She puts her hand through the portal and pauses) " Blue and white with red trim..."

Laphara: (closes her eyes and then magically pulls the outfit from out of the portal. After doing so, Laphara waves her hand over the portal again and it reverts to the drawing. Laphara tucks it into her sketchbook) "hmm-mm, Aura? Where did Psyflaera go?"

(Eclypse and Cael arrive at a village posing as demon hunters. Eclypse leans on a stores counter.)

Eclypse: (with a British sort of accent she speaks with admiration) "ooh you got some cute stuff."

Eclypse: (looks up at the store owner) "Were not really here to shop. Were trying to hunt down a specific brute who likes to terrorize villages."

The store owner: (puts on a weird expression) "Well, we had a demon come through our village yesterday with black eyes. He went west from here.-"

Eclypse: (turns around before the store owner can continue) "Hear that Cael? Black eyes.....It has to be equinox."

Cael: (looks at Eclypse with a sympathetic look for the store owner. He turns to look at the owner.) "We should finish listening to the owner. We can't just go off of the fact he had black eyes."

Cael: (pauses for a moment and sighs.)"What did the demon look like aside from black eyes?"

The store owner: (looks at Cael confused.) "He was well built, with purple hair-" (Pauses) "You know she's already gone right?

Cael: "GAH!!! ECLYYYPSE!!!!!This can't be helped... sorry to run off in a hurry but i have to catch my sister."

Cael: (laughs to himself) "Eclypse is so impatient. If she would have listened for a few more moments then she wouldn’t be chasing after the wrong demon."

Cael: (turns away from the store owner and runs west to catch up with Eclypse. As Cael goes out of sight of the village his speed greatly changes and he thinks to himself.) "Did she even run like a human? Or did she just speed out without thinking?"

Cael: (sighs and notices his sister talking to a wolf with purple hair and black eyes.) "WOW. We already caught up with him?"

The wolf: (glances at Cael.) " You vampires are far from home are you not?"

Eclypse: (scoffs) "Were looking for our brother Equinox."

The wolf: (laughs) "Well my name is Hale not Equinox and im pretty sure a vampire is totally different from a wolf like myself."

Eclypse: (laughs) "It's strange to think you mutts are our mortal enemy."

Hale: (glares at Eclypse) " Mutt huh? You shouldn't assume you are stronger than me and have the audacity to insult me."

Eclypse: (pulls out rapier) " Would you like to prove me wrong mutt? Aren't you supposed to be in a pack? What are you doing alone?"

Hale: (laughs) "You sure do ask a lot of random questions."

Cael: (Stares as Eclypse and Hale glare at each other then interjects) "Eclypse...Pay attention to his aura. He probably matches Equinox in strength."

Eclypse: (giggles) "That's why I’m interested in fighting him. I'm sure im stronger than i was a few years ago. I can take him."

(Hale lunges at Eclypse. She side steps him and kicks him in the back of the head. Eclypse turns to realize that Hale wasn’t even phased by her kick.He just stood there. A bad feeling rushed over Cael)

Cael: "Eclypse, something is not right here."

(Eclypse's knees buckle out from under her)

Eclypse: "What the hell?" (She notices a scratch on her arm) "What the..."

Hale: (laughs) "What you didn’t notice, was the poison on my nails."

Eclypse: (looks at him disgusted) "What?"

Hale: (smiles) This poison can paralyze you if enough gets in your bloodstream. It can cause your muscles to stop working. Eventually you wouldn’t be able to breathe and could suffocate to death.

Eclypse: (scoffs) "Shit."

Hale: (laughs again)" One scratch shouldn’t be enough to kill you but it will weaken you."

Cael: (rushes over to Eclypse) "We should get out of here sis. If you continue to fight him you could end up dying. Lets go!"

(Cael picks up his sister and zooms off, leaving hale laughing hysterically)

Aura: (gasps) "Oh no! She was here a minute ago!"

(Laphara and Aura follow Psyflaera's scent to an opening in the woods. They spot Psyflaera staring at a human girl and a man with black hair and black eyes. The man holds a defensive posture and is glaring at Psyflaera with a puzzled look. Laphara and Aura run up to Psyflaera.)

Aura and Laphara: "Psyflaera!!"

Man: (turns his attention to them) "I asked this wolf what she wanted and she's just staring at us...Try anything and ill kill all of you."

Aura: (laughs nervously) "Sorry our sister is...strange. She doesn’t talk much."

Man: (scoffs) "I can see that.."

Laphara: (acts as if nothing important has been said.) "She's adorable!"

Man: (almost falls over) "What the hell?? Are you even listening?"

Laphara: (laughs loudly) "Oh don't worry, we are not looking for any trouble."

Laphara: (runs up to the girl) "Oooooooh! You have uber pretty blue eyes! I've never seen a human with blue eyes. They look amazing against your black hair!"

Laphara: (giggles and turns to Aura) "Aura, check her eyes out! They almost look silver."

Aura: (hurriedly runs up to the girl and begins to sway back and forth.) "WOW, gorgeous!!!! sooooo pretty!!"

Aura: (twirls around) "One of her parents must have been a foreigner." (Aura squeals in excitement)

Girl: (confused) "Foreigner?"

Laphara: (laughs) "That's right. Most humans don't realize that this isn’t the only continent in the world."

Girl: (smiles) "Really? This isn’t the only place people exist?"

Laphara: (smiles) " Which parent had blue eyes?"

Girl: (smiles) "My Father did."

Aura: (chimes in) "Your Father was from another place!"

Man: (steps in front of the girl) "What are you up to? Don't stand so close to Taliya."

Aura: (ears perk up and she begins excitedly squealing again) "OH, i see!!! So CUTE!! You two are in love huh?"

(Taliya blushes)

Laphara: (starts to squeal as well) "Your right Aura. I can tell by her face that your right."

Man: (stares at Aura and Laphara)

Aura: (turns to the man) "Your aura also shows that im right. :3"

Man: (looks at aura puzzled) "You can feel emotions put off by a beings aura?"

Aura: (giggle) "Yeah, it's my ability! I can also hide aura's. That way were less likely to be attacked, and on the off chance that we are then the opponent doesn’t expect our power."

Aura: (closes her eyes and sighs) "This is our aura's."

Man: (notices the power coming from the wolves) "hmm.."

Taliya: (gasp) " How am i able to see her aura?? Humans can't usually see aura very easily."

Man: (turns to Taliya) "You can??"

Aura: (giggles) " Everyone has an aura but I’ve got a lot of it!!!! I was born this way so thats why my name is Aura. xD"

Laphara: (chimes in) "Were sorry that our little sister freaked you out. She has that effect."

Aura: (turns to Laphara) "She's so cute Laphara, you should give her one of your designs!!"

Laphara: (laughs) "Yeah, I think this one would be uber cute on her!!!"

Laphara: (shows Taliya a picture of a black lolita dress) "Imagine this as black with blue trim. What do you think Taliya?"

Taliya: (giggles and the man glares)" Equinox, look at her drawing. It's really good. I like the outfit."

Equinox: (looks over to Laphara) "You trying to sell us a dress?"

Laphara: (laughs) "Pffft! NO! Im trying to give you one."

Equinox: (squints at Laphara) "Oh, so your trying to give us a dress you don't even have?"

Laphara: (laughs) "Watch."

Laphara: (waves her hand over the paper and the portal appears. She sticks her hand in and pulls out the lolita dress and tosses it to Taliya) "Here ya go! Since Psyflaera freaked you guys out im giving you this."

Laphara: (pauses) "Not to mention your uber adorable!!!!"

Laphara: (pauses again) "Oh and cuz you and Equinox are a CUTE couple."

Aura: (smiles and places her hand on Psyflaera's shoulder) " C'mon Psyflaera. Lets leave these two alone and continue looking for Ezymae."

Psyflaera: (nods) "......."

Laphara: (looks at Psyflaera) "You were staring at them because you could tell they were lovers huh?"

Psyflaera: (looks up at Laphara and nods)"........."

Aura: (gasps and turns around) "OH it was nice to meet you Taliya and Equinox. Like i said earlier, my name is Aura."
Laphara: (chimes in) "My bad, Im Laphara. Maybe we will see you around."

Aura and Laphara: (wink at Taliya and Equinox) "Keep being a cute couple and don't let anyone tell you differently."

(The wolves prance off happily. Except for Psyflaera who is being dragged behind)
Psyflaera "..........."

(As they leave Equinox notices Psyflaera smile wickedly)

Equinox: "Hmm mm....Something is not right with that little girl."

(A young kitsune with bright orange eyes, and semi-short light brown hair runs up to the woman he calls his aunt.)"Aunt Ezy!! Play with me!!!!!"

Ezy: (turns around and smiles) "When you say play do you mean play? Or do you mean spar?"

Ezy: (laughs) "Your definition always changes."

young kitsune: (jumps up and pokes her face) "POKE!!" (He runs off giggling)

Ezy: (laughs and chases after the boy) "Mehki! Im gonna tickle you!!"

(As she catches up to Mehki he bounces off of a tree, flies over her head and flicks Ezy's purple hair on the back of her neck by her shoulder.)

Mehki: "To slow Aunt Ezy!!!"

(Ezy quickly follows suit and bounces off of the same tree to not lose any more ground with Mehki. Being taller than him she goes farther and lands right in front of Mehki.)

Ezymae: "POKE!!!" (She jumps to the side and runs as Mehki tries to Immediately poke her back.)

Ezymae: "You missed me Mehki!! You got to be faster than that!" (She looks behind her to see Mehki walking up to his mother Akemi.)

Ezy: (giggles and thinks to her self) "I know what he's up to. I better be ready."

(Mehki begins to snicker)

Akemi: (looks at him suspiciously) "Are you up to something Mehki?"

Mehki: (smiles wide and responds in a sarcastic tone)" No mother of course im not up to any-POKE!!!!!"

(Mehki turns tail and takes off running towards Ezy. As Akemi takes her first step to start chasing, Ezy darts after him. As Akemi gains ground towards Ezy and Mehki, he abruptly stops and Ezy does the same.)

Mehki: (grabs on to Ezy and holds her where she stood for a few seconds and then turns and darts off.) "TAKE AUNT EZY!!"

(Ezy's eyes widen in surprise and she darts off again. Akemi barely touches Ezy's clothes.)

Ezy: (yells playfully at Mehki.) "Why you little- Your gonna get it now!"

(Giggling Mehki looks behind himself and sticks his tung out at Ezy.)

Ezy: (laughs evilly) "OH im gonna tickle you till you pee your pants."

Akemi: (stops and buckles over laughing) "I'm out of this now. Your gonna sleep in the bed you just made yourself Mehki."

Akemi: (looks up and sees Ezy dive towards Mehki and tackle him to the ground and starts tickling him un-forgivingly. Akemi just smiles and watches the show for a moment.)

Aura: (watching Laphara draw)

Aura: "Ooh I like the outfits your drawing Laphara!"

Laphara: (looks at Aura and smiles) "Yeah, I got some inspiration from that vampire and the girl Taliya."

Laphara: (pauses) "I cant remember the vampires name. But anyways. It's a trench-coat and a trench coat dress. They both have a belt around the neck. The guy's design has a belt across the body and belts exed in the front of the trench-coat under that, then two belts around the back that just peek out on the sides of the front. Now the girls design has a belt around the chest going all the way around to the back. Then she has two belts that make an off centered ex around her hips to match the exed belts on the guys trench-coat. She also has two belts going across her back but they don’t show up in the front. Then of course she has an opening in the front into a V. They are both slit in the back and have a belt lining it. The guy also has that in the front. Then the back of the girls laces up as well as the back of the neck." Aura squeals, "It would look sooooo cute on them."

Laphara:( laughs loudly like always) "I know. I designed it with them in mind."

Aura: (smiles) "Oh so your gonna give it to them huh?"

(Before Laphara can respond Psyflaera taps her and Aura on the shoulder. The girls turn to look at Psyflaera)

Psyflaera: "Vampires ahead........"
(Aura notices a dark see through light pass Psyflaera but writes it off as her eyes playing tricks on her. )

(Eclypse and Cael are walking.)

Eclypse: (leans over to Cael) "I think were being watched. So don't look around."

Cael: ( smiles) "Oh i know. It's funny, they think were human."

Eclypse: ( looks ahead and sees a small group walking towards them) "Look, there are people walking this way. They might get attacked with us."

Cael: ( pokes Eclypse) "Poke. Were probably gonna get ambushed when we cross paths."

(As the group approaches Eclypse and Cael)

Aura: ( yells) "Hey guys!!"

Laphara: ( chimes in) " Your early guys."

(Eclypse and Cael are puzzled for a moment. As Laphara and Aura approach Eclypse and Cael)

Laphara: ( puts her arm around Eclypse) "We'll be introduced in a moment."

Laphara: ( laughs loudly)

Eclypse: ( giggles) "So you notice them watching us huh?"

Laphara: ( smiles) "My sister can feel their aura's. They are up to no good."

Eclypse: ( smiles) "They think were all human."

Aura: ( giggles) "Silly humans, they are so focused on getting money and valuables from us that they don't even notice your aura's."

Eclypse: ( looks at aura and smiles) "What about your Aura's?"

Aura: ( looks puzzled) "Can you really feel ours?"

Eclypse: ( looks confused for a moment)

Cael: ( interrupts) "Eclypse..They don't seem to have Aura's..."

Eclypse: ( gasps) "Holy shit! Your right!!"

Aura: ( giggles) "I hide them."

Eclypse: ( smiles) "HOW???"

Aura: ( looks at Laphara) "That's just my thing"

Laphara: ( laughs loudly in response. The bandits "sneak" up on them shortly after and surrounded them. The girls and Cael just talk about random things pretending not to notice the bandits. The bandits pull out their swords and point them at them. One of the bandits shouts at the two groups)

"Give us everything you have and we might not hurt you ladies."

(Everyone is about to react)

Aura: ( shouts) "Hold on a second everyone!"

(Laphara, Eclypse and Cael stop what their about to do and Aura magnifies all of their aura's including Eclypse and Cael’s.)

Eclypse: ( notices the moment aura magnifies their aura's) " Do you gentlemen really want to mess with us?"

(Expecting the bandits to freak out everyone is surprised as the one of the bandits reply) "There are five of you and 30 of us. -"

(The bandit is cut off as a girl with Fiery red hair suddenly appears in front of the bandit speaking. The girl is only half-way visible with a subtle dark blue light emanating from her and she gives the bandit a huge crooked smile from ear to ear and begins to giggle maniacally)

"Can i take your swords and shove them so far up your ass so I can sit here and watch you all bleed out?"

(Everyone takes a step back including the wolves and vampires)

Laphara: ( shudders) "Who the hell is that!!?"

(Suddenly all of the bandit's swords fly up into the air off of their belts and catch fire. The girl continues to smile and giggle)

"I think that would be so much fun to watch. Don't you think so?"

(Without a second to respond the bandits turn tail and run. The girl suddenly appears in front of them. Still giggling she looks the leader dead in the eyes)

"What, you don't like that idea? You can't blame me for wanting to see you all bleed out. I really just want you to die."

(She pauses for a moment and is silent then says in a serious voice)

"So please die."

(The bandits stare at her in terror. They are impaled by their own swords. The girl begins to fade out. The last glimpse of the girl has almost vanishes and it turns into a dark light and engulfs the wolves and vampires. As the light vanishes they all hear)

"I'm much closer than you think."

(After a moment of silence)

Eclypse: ( speaks up)"That being was creepy... Even creepier than that girl."

Eclypse: ( points at Psyflaera. Psyflaera just stares back emotionless at Eclypse)

Eclypse: ( says another thing)" Even with a magnified Aura she still doesn't have one. She should be dead without one."

Laphara: ( sighs) "Yeah, our sister Psyflaera was born with one but she was born under a blood red moon and after it showered her in a silver and red light her Aura vanished. She was actually born with black hair and it turned silver then pulsed red.. it was weird."

Eclypse: ( turned and looked at Psyflaera) " Something like that actually happened with me.."

Eclypse: ( pauses for a moment) "My name is Eclypse and i got my name because i was born moments before an eclipse and the last bit of the moons light showered over me and seemed to place a silver crescent moon on my chest."

Eclypse: ( points at the silver crescent moon on her left breast)

Aura: ( giggles) thats interesting haha, i was born under a strange light of aura overhead when my mother was giving birth..."

Aura: ( pauses for a moment) "I was engulfed in a rainbow!!!!"

Eclypse: ( smiles)" Interesting.Well, what are you wolves doing? Me and my little brother are trying to track down our older brother Equinox."

Laphara: ( gasps) "That was his name!!!"

Eclypse: ( looked at Laphara) "You saw our brother? What was he doing? Destroying a village or anything? Our brother isn’t a good person really unless your family...he doesn’t experience emotions or pain, unless someone can hit him hard enough to feel it."

Laphara: ( looks puzzled) "Um.. he was a scary looking vampire but he didn’t seem emotionless.."

Aura: ( giggles) "He was IN LOVE!!!"

Eclypse: ( gives a weird look on her face) " That can't be our brother..."

Laphara: ( smirks) " This vampire had completely black eyes and was traveling with a human named Taliya. Here i drew a picture of them."

(Laphara shows Eclypse a picture she drew of Equinox and Taliya. Eclypse and Cael look surprised)

Cael: ( speaks up before Eclypse) "That looks exactly like our brother, but he literally has no emotion.. He would have never given anyone much less a human enough chance to even talk to him long enough to make even an acquaintance with them."

Aura: ( giggles) "All living things have the ability to change and adapt. Whether it seems possible or not."

Psyflaera: ( quietly speaks up) "The vampire was obviously detached from other living things except for the girl. He showed very little emotion unless he was talking to her. His eyes would change for a split second."

Psyflaera: ( paused) "Multiple personalities most likely brought out by the girl is a possibility as to why he doesn’t act himself."

(Everyone stares at Psyflaera for a moment. It is very unlike her to speak so much aside from one word sentences and answers)

(Shortly after separating from her little sisters and her twin brother, Ezymae meets two other wolf siblings Prodosia and Hakaru. Prodosia has orange eyes and bronze hair. She's tall and slender. Hakaru has orange eyes and blonde hair, he's tall and fit. Ezymae begins to travel with them. After a few weeks of traveling with them Ezymae falls in love with Hakaru.)

Ezymae: ( smiles at Hakaru as she kisses him) "What are we all doing today?"

Hakaru: ( smiles) " I'm not sure, Prodosia what do you think we should do today?"

Prodosia: ( ponders for a moment) "Lets go mess with some humans, haha."

Ezymae: ( laughs) " You love being so mischevious Prodosia, it's funny. Lets see if we can run across some thieves, they are always fun to mess with haha"

Prodosia: ( laughs) "Yeah! remember when those guys were being derogatory towards us and we pretended to cower in fear like shy innocent children."

Ezymae: ( smiles) "They got one big surprise when we pulled out our weapons and robbed them!!"

Hakaru: (smirks) " I'm always hiding in the shadows watching cuz its hilarious to have a front row seat to the show!"

Ezymae: ( smiles at Hakaru and hugs him) "I love you Hakaru. You and your sister."

Ezymae: ( turns and hugs Prodosia) "Your much more fun than any of my sisters. Your way cooler!!"

Prodosia: ( laughs) " From what you've said about your sisters, they sound cute but very weak. haha"

Ezymae: ( smiles) "They can take care of themselves just fine really. Even though they can't fight they're not stupid. One of my sisters can talk themselves out of any problem cuz she's so innocent looking. Then my other sister can draw anything and take it out of her paper so she can give people whatever they want...Then my youngest sister is... honestly really creepy. Doesn't speak, though i have a feeling she's very smart."

Prodosia: ( smiles) " If thats the case then it really is the quiet ones you should watch out for, and you should never judge a book by it's cover."

Ezymae: ( smiles) "Yeah."

(Ezymae, Hakaru and Prodosia walk for a few hours)

Hakaru: ( just stops and turns to Ezymae) "Babe, you should wait right here for a minute. Me and Prodosia will go ahead, I’ll hide in the shadows and Prodosia will lead the bandits your way and we will jump them."

Ezymae: ( looks a little puzzled for a moment) "How do you know there are bandits up ahead?"

Hakaru: ( smiles) "Trust me, I can hear them. You know i have excellent hearing."

Ezymae: ( Still confused and has an odd feeling and just shrugs it off) "Okay! go ahead I'll be right here.."

(The two siblings walk off. After a few minutes Ezymae gets a little nervous and thinks to herself)

Ezymae: "I can't shake this feeling..."

Ezymae: ( shudders) "There’s no reason i should be having this feeling..Im trying to ignore it but i can't..."

Ezymae: ( sighs) "I'll just wait it out..."

Ezymae: ( sits down to rest as she waits for Hakaru and Prodosia to return)

(Up ahead Hakaru and Prodosia approach a cottage in the nearby woods)

Hakaru: ( laughs) "She's to trustworthy, it makes me laugh."

Prodosia: ( smiles) " Yeah, she thinks me and you are really siblings haha"

Hakaru: ( giggles) "You ready to get revenge?"

Prodosia: ( grins) "Oh yeah, were gonna make them pay for what they did to us."

Hakaru: ( looks up at the sky) "I don't care that it was an accident but they are gonna feel the pain they have put us through."

Prodosia: ( sighs) "Honestly, i kinda do like Ezymae but i can't stand watching her all over you."

Hakaru: ( laughs) " Oh don't worry baby, She's probably gonna die so you won;t ever have to worry about seeing it again."

Prodosia: ( smiles) " Like I said, I kinda liked Ezymae, she really was fun. I feel bad for her being a pawn but oh well, as long as we get our revenge she wont die in vain."

Hakaru: ( smiles) " I honestly think Ezymae is annoying as hell. She acts like a bad ass but doesn't have the real personality for it."

Prodosia: ( laughs) " Ezymae is just tsundere. Acts tough on the outside till you get to know her then you can tell she's a sweetheart."

Prodosia: ( smiles) " Maybe we will name one of our next kids after her. It wont hurt to have a name handy haha."

Hakaru: ( grins) " yeah, yeah, i could really care less, but we'll use it if we can't think of something better."

(Ezymae stands up as she sees Prodosia and Hakaru running towards her. Behind them is a male chasing after them in a fiery rage. Hakaru grabs Ezymae's hand as he and Prodosia begin to pass her)

Hakaru: ( turns towards Ezymae) "I'm sorry you're such a dumb ass."

Ezymae: ( looks confused for a moment) " wait... What?"

Hakaru: ( laughs) "Prodosia isn't my sister, she's my wife. I don't really love you I honestly think your annoying as hell. I'm done playing with you so do me a favor and distract those kitsune for us."

Hakaru: ( pushes Ezymae as they reach the top of a hill. She tumbles down the hill and is attacked by the kitsune in a blind rage. A female kitsune jumps out of the trees and starts pulling on him)

"Kai stop!!! She was just a distraction!"

(As she pulls him off Ezymae the kitsune struggles. Wounded Ezymae crawls backwards. The two kitsune struggle against each other. Ezymae passes out due to blood loss)

(Ezymae wakes up tied to a chair. She notices her wounds have been dressed. Kai is standing in front of her as well as the other Kitsune)

Kai: ( roughly leans in towards Ezymae with his hands on her shoulders) "How do you know Hakaru and Prodosia?"

Ezymae: (Confused for a moment her memory rushes back to her. The whites of her purple eyes turn black) "I can't believe they betrayed me) I don't know what they did to you guys to cause you to attack me but..."

Ezymae: (pauses for a moment) They told me they were siblings."

(The female kitsune says something before Kai has a chance to respond) " I heard what he said to you. What were you guys doing?"

Ezymae: " we were going to see if there were any bandits around to screw with them. They told me to wait for them to draw the bandits towards me and we were going to rob them. But you two came instead. What did Prodosia and Hakaru do to you guys?"

(The two kitsune look at each other with pain on their faces)

"They killed 3 out of our 4 children."

Ezymae: ( shutters) " Oh my god. That's horrible..."

(Ezymae awakens in a panic with Mehki standing next to her)

" you were just having a bad dream aunt Ezy. Your okay"

Ezymae: ( roughly exhales) " Mehki..."

Ezymae: ( pauses) "I'm sorry did i wake you?"

Mehki: ( smiles) " yeah, you were having another flash back."

Ezymae: ( sighs) " god I wish I would stop remembering that in my sleep..."

Mehki: ( hugs Ezymae tightly) " me to aunt Ezy...i don't like hearing or seeing you cry."

Ezymae: ( smiles) " thank you Mehki."

Ezymae: ( hugs him back) " Go back to sleep, little boys need their rest."

Mehki: ( pouts) " okay. I hope you can fall back asleep."

Ezymae: ( smiles) " don't worry, i will. Now off to bed kiddo."

Mehki: ( smiles and head for the door and he stops for a moment and turns to Ezymae) " Goodnight aunt Ezy."

Ezymae: ( puts her arms behind her head and smiles) " goodnight Mehki."

(Later that morning Ezymae wakes to the smell of bacon and eggs. She hops up out of bed. Akemi is making plates and Kai and Mehki are waiting at the table)

Akemi: ( turns to Ezymae while placing down four plates of food)" Oh, good morning Ezy-chan! I just finished cooking breakfast! have a seat and enjoy!"

Ezymae: ( takes a seat next to Mehki) "Mmmmm it looks delicious Akemi-chan!"

Ezymae: ( laughs)

Akemi: ( smiles in response and sits down in her seat. She grabs a big napkin and covers her lap)

Akemi: ( looks up at everyone) "Lets eat!!"

(Then Akemi devours her food before anyone can even take a bite)

Ezymae: ( laughs) " Oh my gosh Akemi-chan, you don't even give us a chance to take our first bites. You always scarf your food down. I think that was a new record for you."

Mehki: (giggles) " 1.065 seconds!!!!"

Kai: ( laughs) " Every day, the same thing"

Akemi: ( blushes) " I was starving!! You don't know how hard it was not to steal little bites here and there...."

Mehki: ( chimes in) " Like the batch ten minutes ago... you ate all of it before you finished cooking it the first time."

Kai: ( cracks up laughing)

Akemi: ( blushes) "sh- shut up!"

Ezymae: ( smiles and continues to eat)

Ezymae: (A moment later speaks up) "In all seriousness, i think today is going to be the day."

Mehki: ( frowns) " Your gonna leave us today!?"

Ezymae: ( smiles) " Im just going to keep having those dreams if i don't do something about it. Besides, I may track down my siblings and see how they are doing."

Akemi: ( smiles) " tell your siblings i say hello if you see them on your journey."

Mehki: (pouts) " Your not going to talk her out of it this time Mom!?"

Akemi: ( laughs) " I think she's ready. I mean it's almost been three years and she hasn’t left to go anywhere else. She needs to get out and have a little fun."

Ezymae: ( laughs) "I enjoy being here but it really sounds like a lot of fun to rob some bandits like the good old times. me and my siblings used to do it too. I need to make some more memories to cover up the old ones."

Kai: ( laughs) "If you run in to any you have to tell us all about it!"

Ezymae: ( laughs) "You know it!!"

Ezymae: ( smiles at Mehki) " I'll be back to visit of course! I'm not going to let myself get absorbed into getting revenge. I'm just going to go on a little vacation and if i happen to find something out about Hakaru and Prodosia I’ll check it out. And if its a dead end ill take a break and come back to visit for a week or so maybe."

Mehki: ( pouts) " You wouldn’t be coming back to visit, you'd be coming home to us for a little while!"

Ezymae: ( smiles) " You guys will always be like home for me.."

Mehki: ( continues to pout) " I'd be happier with this if we all went.. at least me..."

Akemi: ( laughs) " oh no no no! You would not be going by yourself! your to young and that's why only Ezymae is going."

Mehki: ( crosses his arms)" I want to avenge aunt Ezy and my siblings too!!!!"

Ezymae: ( puts her hand on his shoulder) " Don't worry Mehki, if i get a hold of those two i will certainly bring them back alive so we all can go to town on them!"

Mehki: ( smiles for a moment then frowns) "You promise!?"

Ezymae: ( laughs) " I promise!!"

Chapter 2:

Eclypse: "So, you say you have seen our brother Equinox?"

Laphara: "Yeah, would you like us to take you to where we seen him last?"

Eclypse: (Smiles) "We would really appreciate it! To be honest it's urgent that we find him."

Laphara: (tilts her head) "May we ask whats up? Is something bad happening?"

Eclypse: (sighs) "Well, I am from the Kingdom Aeternal. It's been a few years but a man named Clause was engaged to the vampire princess agaisnt her will. She always had a bad feeling about him, so she ran off somewhere to look for her- (Eclypse stops for a moment thinking to herself.) "Wait, if i don't watch it they may realize im the princess...I can't say she was looking for her brother because they may catch on.."

Aura: (giggles) "It's okay Eclypse you can trust us. I can tell by your aura that your worried about something. I can tell that you are telling the truth but you are hiding something about it."

Laphara: (laughs) "You don't have to tell us everything if it's sensitive information. Like if you were actually the princess but wanted to make sure to keep a low profile just in case someone was after you.We would understand."

Eclypse: (face palm) " haha." (thinks to herself) "They caught on right away.."

Laphara: (smiles) "What? I promise that we just want to help out. We don't know a damn thing." (Winks)

Eclypse: (smiles) "Right. Me and Cael are looking for our brother in hopes that he will go back to Kingdom Aeternal to take the throne and kick out the imposter who wants the throne. Being that our brother doesnt have much emotion, He knows whats right and is not biased. I think he would make the kingdom a better place for everyone to be happy."

Aura: "Are you sure he would want something like that? If well, you know. He's left the kingdom like you and it's probably for a reason. When we saw him he was perfectly happy where he was in my opinion. And he seemed like he didnt want to be bothered by anyone."

Eclypse: (sighs) I honestly wonder if we are wasting our time. I know my brother doesnt want that.. But it would be the right thing to set things right. Clause is bad news for the Kingdom Aeternal and we need Equinox because he is a male. They wouldnt listen to me about Clause. I hope my parents have kept him in line."

Laphara: "Well, all we can do is talk to your brother so lets get going."

(They show up around where they had seen Equinox.)

Eclypse: (sighs) " I don't sence him anywhere near by."

Aura: (sniffs the air)

Laphara: (follows aura's lead and stiffs the air)

Aura: (ears perk up)

Eclypse: "Do you smell his scent or something?"

Aura: "Yeah! it's getting faint but it should tell us the direction he headed."

Laphara: "I smell Taliya too! I hope we find them! I want to give them the clothes i designed for them!"

(The girls follow Equinox and Taliya's scent)

Cael: "You girls still have his scent?"

Laphara: "Yeah but it's getting weaker. They seem to had been going in the same direction so hopefully they don't change course."

Psyflaera: "Otega?"

Eclypse:(puzzled) "Who is Otega?"

Aura and Laphara: (gasp) "Otega's village is in that direction.."

Aura:"Maybe they-"

Laphara: (completes sentence) " Passed by Otega's village?"

Eclypse and Cael. "Wait, who is Otega?"

Aura: "When we first got seperated from our Brother and Sister we disguised ourselves as humans and stayed in Otega's village for a few days."

Laphara: "When we first met her we knew something was off about her. She followed us everywhere and asked us a lot of questions."

Aura: "Yeah, I could tell from her aura that she was suspicious of us. When we left the village she followed us to make sure we left. She overheared my suspicion of her not being human either."

Laphara: Aura's always right when it comes to reading aura's. Otega wasn't fully human, in fact she didn't even know what she was. She was very protective of her village. We ended up telling her all about us. She told us she was abandoned outside the village and the preist found her and adotped her. She also told us that she makes routine rounds around the village to watch for anyone or anything that could mean any harm to the village."

Cael: "Oh i get it! You think its possible she may have spotted Equinox and Taliya?

Aura: "Honestly it's possible that Taliya could have went through the village for food or supplies maybe."

Laphara." Yeah so were thinking that it wouldnt hurt to stop by and ask Otega."

Aura: " Laphara you should get the accesories out again."

Laphara: "Yeah, i need to make Eclypse and Cael one too. So Eclypse, what kind of jewlry do you like? Same for you Cael."

Eclypse:"I like gothic chokers! and my favorite color is Black and Red!"

Laphara: (draws up a choker) " Will this work?"

Eclypse: "Oooh... Wait.. So how does a drawing help us with disguising ourselves as humans?"

Laphara: (smiles) "It's my thing. Watch me!"

Laphara uses her ability to pull the choker from the drawing

Eclypse and Cael: (wide eyed) "How the hell!?"

Cael: "That is so cool!!!! I want a cool cross necklace!!"

Laphara: (laughs and draws up a cross)"Wait...Crosses don't hurt you?"

Cael: (Laughs)"Thats just a rumor to make the humans feel better about our existance."

Eclypse: "We dont even really leave the kingdom very often. So anyway, how does this help us?"

Laphara pulls out their accesories. Aura has a pearl bracelet, Laphara has a ring and Psyflaera has a headband. As they put the accesories on they change form, they lose their ears and tail and their apperance slightly changes. Laphara goes from bright green eyes and black hair to duller green eyes and still black hair. Aura's eyes go from silver to brown and silver hair to brown hair. Psyflaera's eyes go from red to brown and white hair to black hair. Elcypse and Cael's mouths drop.

Cael: "Woah..How is that possible?"

Eclypse: "Magic?"

Laphara: (laughs) "honestly im not sure. I draw the items and imagine that they have that ability and it just works.."

(Eclypse and Cael put on their jewlery. Eclypse's eyes go from red to brown and her hair from black with red tips to plain black. Cael's eyes go from red to brown and his hair also turns black.)

Laphara:"We should probably go through Bandits Pass to get there faster."

Eclypse:(giggles) "Like this we can really mess with some bandits if they try to steal from us or worse."

Cael: "...This is going to be our thing isn't it?"

Laphara: "Hell yeah! Sounds like a ton of fun!!

Eclypse: "This will be fun!"

Three wolves and 10 bandits are walking through the woods. They spot a group of four girls and a guy walking together.

Lyra: "Hey Rhyzen, We should see if they want an escort."

Rhyzen: "Yeah, why not? One of you guys should go down there and talk to them. It would be less intimidating if one person went to talk to them instead of all of us."

Bandit: "I will boss!"

The bandit walks out of the woods. The group turns and looks at him.

Bandit: (Bows) " I sincerly mean you all no harm. Yes, i am a bandit but i do not wish to steal from you. This is a very dangerous place to be walking, one guy is not enough to protect you. So i am here to ask if you four ladys and the gentleman there would like an escort out of Bandits Pass?"

The group looks at Aura

Aura: "I can tell you are telling the truth but we are fine. You see, we are not what we appear."

Rhyzen: (hears aura) "Hear that Lyra? What do you think they mean?"

Aura: (respoding to Rhyzen who is hidden away in the woods)" You can hear me from all the way up there sir?"

Rhyzen: (confused) "It sounds like she's talking to me...but how could that be?"

Aura: "I am speaking to you sir."

The bandit near aura is confused

Aura:(turns to the bandit) "We are not humans, we are 3 wolves and 2 vampires under the disguise of humans."

Lyra runs off

Rhyzen: "Lyra!?"

(He follows her. The rest of the group follows suit.)

Lyra: (In front of Aura) " Hello!!! My name is Lyra. It's rare to meet other wolves around since there are not many of us left. Are you one of the rare wolves with abilities or something? How do you disguise yourself?"

Laphara: (laughs) "That would be because of me. Me and my sister Aura have abilitys."

Rhyzen: "Wow... Nova!! Come down here bro, your not gonna beleive this!!"

nova pops up next to Rhyzen

Nova: "I heared."

Rhyzen: (screams and jumps to the side) AAHRG!!!!! Damnit Nova!! You always do that to me!!"

Nova: (laughs under his breath)

Nova is dressed like a ninja. His hair is covering his face.

Lyra: "Like i said, my name is Lyra. My brother Nova is the one who popped up out of nowhere and Rhyzen is the one who got startled."

Rhyzen: "..... Shut up."

Lyra: "What? I got to make fun of you because Nova is the only one who can do that to you!"

Aura: (giggles) "My name is Aura."

Laphara: "My name is Laphara."

Lyra: "What is your ability?"

Laphara: "I can draw anything and materalize it into reality."

Lyra: "Thats awesome!! Can you draw Alcohal for me!"

Laphara: (laughs) "I don't know ive never tried."

Eclypse: "I thought we were doing introductions or something....My names Eclypse and im a vampire.."

Cael: "My name is Cael and im also a vampire."

Psyflaera: "Psyflaera. Wolf."

Laphara: "SO, if you guys are a bandit group why are you offering to be escorts for us huh?"

Rhyzen: "Me and by siblings never planned to be bandits but these guys asked us to join and me to be their leader."

Eclypse: "Bandits that don't rob people? Somethings a little fishy here..."

Rhyzen: "We don't steal from Lady's and children. We rob the rich and other bandit groups. We don't kill people unless they deserve it."

Lyra: (smiles wickedly) "Rapists and meaningless murderers deserve to die."

Rhyzen: "Were more good than bad. Honestly when we first met these guys we thought they were Crazy for wanting to work this way as bandits. It did not seem like anything would be able to come from it. But suprizingly we have become infamous around bandits pass. Other groups dread running into us."

Lyra: "We like to suprise them, by escorting groups and following them while hiding in the woods then ambushing the bandits if they attack them."

Rhyzen: "I have heared some funny stuff from the other bandit groups. They have called us oddly enough "Infamous". They have called us "Wolves and men" No names that we really like though."

Laphara: "That sounds like a lot of fun!!! I am up for an escort! Huh guys what do you think?"

Eclypse: "I said somethings fishy here, how do we know we won't be ambushed by more of their group and caught off guard?"

Aura: "Because they are not hiding anything as far as i can tell." (glances over to the bandits) "No waivering here."

Laphara: "I trust Aura's observation."

Psyflaera: "Yes."

Lyra: "haha yaay. This will be fun!!" (sways)

Eclypse: "Hold on a second.. Are you drunk??"

Lyra: (makes >:3 face) "I am drunk 24/7!! If i'm not then i get really bad migrains. Not to mention i can't use my weapon if i'm not drunk."

Eclypse: "What does that mean?"

Rhyzen: "Lyra's weapon will not bend to her will unless she's drunk."

Lyra: "Yeah! I didn't choose my weapon, it chose me. And won't work for me if im sober. It was like that for my grandmother as well."

Cael: "Thats very interesting, Ive never heared of a weapon choosing it's master."

Lyra: "Thats because it was forged with a soul, I think."

Rhyzen: "Yeah they were probably constantly drunk!"

Lyra: "We don't know anything about the history of the weapon so it's the only thing we can think of as to why it is the way it is."

Laphara: "Does it talk to you?"

Lyra: " ha No."

Cael: "You two are talkative but i havnt heared a word out of your little brother."

Nova: "..." (looks away)

Cael: "To me it's like he's hiding something."

Rhyzen: "Just himself. He's shy, Trust me if he becomes comfertable around you he won't shut the hell up! So enjoy it while you can!"

Nova: (pops up in front of Rhyzen and sticks his toung out at him) "nyeeh!!"

Rhyzen: (jumps) "SHIT!"

Nova: (laughs)

Aura: (see's a glimps of Nova's dark silver eyes and tilts her head)

Nova: (takes notice and hides behind Lyra)

Aura: (giggles) "He has pretty dark eyes. His Aura is bright too."

Rhyzen: "What doe's bright mean?"

Aura: "I mean he has quite a bit, but not as much as me."

Nova: "umm..."

Aura: "His hair looks really soft too!"

Rhyzen: "What ever you do, just don't try to-"

Aura: (walked up to nova and raised her hand towards him.)

Rhyzen: "touch it."

Aura: (pulls back and stops) "Oh. Sorry."

Nova: (O.o)

Aura: "I'm sorry Nova-kun I should ask before i try something. Can i touch your hair for a breif moment? I just like soft things." (giggles)

Nova: ( O////O)

Rhyzen: "Good luck with that"

Nova: (looks away <///<) "Sure."

Rhyzen and Lyra: "HUH?"

Aura: (touches Nova's hair) "AAH, It is soft!!" (giggles) " Thankyou Nova-kun!"

Laphara: (runs up to nova) "Can I--"

Nova: (interupts) "NO!" (hides behind Lyra)

Laphara: "aawwe, you didn't even give it a thought!"

Nova: (jumps off into the woods)

Rhyzen: "Hahaha"

Lyra: "What..? Im...So.. confused..."

Rhyzen: "I can't beleive he seriously let you touch his hair.......That's incredible.."

Lyra: ( @o@ ) "He won't even let me touch his hair!"

Aura: (giggles)

Rhyzen: "Well, i guess we should go into the woods too. Just head to your destination and we will be near."

Lyra: "Whenever we get close to your destination let us know and you should show us what you really look like so we can say hello if we see you again!"

(In the woods)

Lyra: "ey Nova?"

Nova: "What?"

Lyra: " Do you think Aura-chan is cute?"

Nova: (looks away and at the ground.) "Maybe...I mean I don't really know what she actually looks like."

Lyra: "She has a cute face for sure though huh?"

Nova: "Eye color can make a difference."

Rhyzen: "hmm? I've never even imagined Nova would get a little puppy crush on someone."

Nova: "Shut up..."

(much to the bandit groups dismay no one attacks the wolves.)

Laphara: "Thank you for the escort. To be honest, im dissapointed that we were not attacked."

(Rhyzen Lyra and nova go down to say goodbye)

Lyra: "Maybe some other time then."

Laphara: "Would you guys do us a favor?"

Rhyzen: "Sure thing. What is it?"

Laphara: "We have been searching for our older sister Ezymae for a while. I wanted to know if you would keep an eye out for her."

Rhyzen: "Sure thing. Whats something about her that would help us spot her?"

Aura: "Laphara made her a crystal and endowed some of my aura inside it. She can use it to hide her Aura. We made several so that if any of us got seperated then we could hide our aura's if we needed to."

Laphara: "Yeah, Ezymae also has purple hair and light lavender colored eyes. She's very timid yet very rightous. She usually trys not to get into any conflict and is very polite. She however does have a bad temper and would occasionally snap. But it was only with things that had to do with us. Ezymae is very protective over us."

Aura: "Ezymae is tall! She's our oldest sister and she is 22 years old."

Laphara: "Another thing about her that you can't miss is Ezymae's more developed than any of us girls. haha her chest is a little bigger than Lyra's!"

Aura: "Laphara!..."

Laphara: "What? OH! Take a look at this."( Shows a sketch of Ezymae)

Lyra: "WOW! Your art is amazing!"

Laphara:"Thank you! This is a picture of Ezymae."

Lyra: "We will try to remember what she looks like too"

Laphara: "If you happen to run into her we will probably be at the village over there for a while." (points)

Lyra: "No Problem!"

Rhyzen: "So what do all of you really look like?"

Laphara: (takes off her accessorie and reverts back to normal) "Not very different."

Psyflaera: (reverts back to normal) "White..."

Eclypse: "I'll pass.."

Cael: "Sorry, but im gonna have to go along with my sis. We honestly don't know Aura well enough to take her word for it yet."

Aura: "I figured as much." (reverts back to normal.) "I'm shiny!!" (She shows off her Aura.)

Nova: "..."

Lyra: "WOAH! Your Aura is bright as day. That's so weird.."

Rhyzen: "Heh Heh" (looks at Nova)

Aura: "This is my natural aura. I can make it appear duller or even brighter.

Nova: <////< (nova jumps back to the woods.)

Laphara: "What was that about?"

Aura: "Don't worry sis i think he was just nervous about something."

Laphara: "Why would he be nervous?...."

Lyra: "Oh! It's because he has a- hmmmmfff!!!!!??"

(Nova pops out of nowhere with his hand over Lyra's mouth)

Rhyzen: "Oh ho ho! Payback time!!! HMMMFF!!?"

Nova: "My apologies Ladies" (Rhyzen is wiggling behind Nova's hand over his mouth) "We have stuff to do sorry hahaha" (dissapears)

Laphara: "......OH! I get it...He must have a crush on one of us." (Turns to Aura) "He totally let you touch his hair."

Cael: "That would make sence because his sister said that she couldnt even touch his hair."

Aura: "OoO CRUSH!!!???"

Nova: (T-T) "Shit.."

Aura: "He seems nice though, so i don't mind. It's cute. I can read aura's so i mean i kinda already knew...I just didnt think he would like it to be brought up."

Laphara: "Do you at least think he's cute?"

Aura: "..." (O///O ) "Wh- why, why does that matter any!!?"

Nova: "eerrrm."

Lyra: "heh heh, You should go for it!"

Rhyzen: "She could tell!"

Nova: "Sh-Sh Shutup!!"

Rhyzen: "Im going to get so much payback!!"

Nova: "BRING IT ON!! You won't have any time to get it!"

Lyra: (giggles)

(After parting ways with their new friends the group arrives near Otega's village. They change into their human forms Laphara created for them. After entering the village a girl with angelic wings tackles Laphara)

Otega: "It's you guys!!!!"

Laphara: "Otega!?"

Aura: "You're not in your human form?"

Otega: "Who are they???" (>.>)

Eclypse: "uh.. My name is Eclypse."

Otega: " You?"

Cael: "Cael.." (O.o)

Otega: (Looks at Aura.) "Your friends?"

Aura: "Yeah, they do not mean any harm."

Otega: (giggles.) "Okay! I beleive in your abilities. tee hee"

Eclypse: "erm.. I don't mean to be rude or anything but..What are you?"

Otega: "NO CLUE!!"

Eclypse: "What do you mean no clue?"

Aura: "She doesn't know what she is.."

Laphara: "My question is "What happened Otega? You assume your other form in the village now?""

Otega: "Yeah... Well you see after i caught you guys talking about me-"

Aura: "Looking at her Aura I could tell that she is very protective and didn't trust us."

Otega: (comes out of the woods) "Whats that supposed to mean?"

Aura: "Oh!..Otega. "

Otega: "You can see aura's?"

Aura: "Yeah...umm.."

Otega: "Something is weird about you.. I can feel it. You're not normal are you?"

Aura: "What do you mean not normal?"

Otega: "Are you even human? My guts telling me your not..."

Aura: "Oh..Well..."

Laphara: "Were not.."

Aura: "And your not either.."

Otega: "Huh?"

Aura: "Your Aura is different from all the villagers. We don't want any trouble! I promise!"

Otega: "What makes you think I'll trust you?"

Aura: "We never lied to you. We just never said anything about being wolves. We really did get seperated from our older sister because of a fight with our brother Hale."

Laphara: "We just needed to stay somewhere safe so we could figure out what to do."

Aura: "Our little sister Psyflaera is defencless, It's dangerous for us to be wandering around all the time when we can barely protect ourselves."

Laphara: "We never meant any harm to your village."

Otega: "Your wolves?"

Laphara: (reverts to normal) "Yeah. See."

Otega: "..."

Aura: (reverts to normal) "Please beleive us."

Laphara: "If we meant any harm we would have acted already."

Psyflaera: "No harm."

Otega: (gasp) "huh?"

Aura: "Something wrong?!"

Otega: (looks at Psyflaera) "No, but...I.. I beleive you."

Aura: "Really?"

Otega: "Yeah, suddenly i do.."

Laphara: "Huh?"

Otega: "Don't worry about it."

Otega: "After you guys left, as you remember you came back a few weeks later telling me you couldnt find your sister and was worried about her. Of course we became real friends." (Sigh) "After you left that second time.... It happened.."

Laphara: "What? What happened?"

Otega: " A powerful demon attacked the village..."

(two villagers lay on the ground. Otega runs up to one of them.)

Otega: "No! please don't die!!!"

Man: "Otega..Run."

Otega: (hums a melody while crying)

Man: "HUH??" ( a light envelopes the man)

Otega: (singing)

(The man's wounds begin to heal. Otega is singing without realizing it. She snaps out of it.)

Otega: "Did....Did I.. Did i heal you?"

(Otega runs to the other villager who is cold as ice. She attempts to heal him but nothing happens. Otega realizes that it's to late to save him."

Otega: (Screams bloody murder) "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

(the demon is knocked back)

Demon: "THIS..THIS is the power ive dully felt...This power will be....MINE!!"

Otega: (Her nails grow like talons and she sprouts wings.) "You will pay!"

(Otega quickly takes down the demon in minutes.)

Otega: (About to take the final blow.) "THIS is....What you DESERVE for attacking my village....NO MY PRECIOUS FAMILY."

Demon: (taking his last breaths as she chops his head off.) "How!!!? By a FILTHY HALF BREED!!!"

(Otega snaps back to her sences.)

Otega: (covers herself in her wings and crouches down terrifyed) "Please. Don't hate me now..."

(Her friend walks up to her and hugs her)

Girl: "IDIOT!!! I'll never hate you!!"

(Her father walks up to her.)

Preist: "Otega. My child I could never hate you. Ive raised you as my own. You would have already destroyed us if you had planned too.

Man: "If it wasnt for you i'd be dead."

Otega: "But if i wasnt around you would have never been attacked in the first place like this."

Man: "I beleive eventually i would have. It's not your fault so please don't blame yourself."

Otega: (looks at Laphara) "Sorry about the sloppy flashback story. Obviously in the end i was accepted for me. i still don't know what i am but i no longer hide it. The villagers refer to me as their Angel from Heaven. Even though they know that im of this world."

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