Ten Page Manga needs an artist

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Ten Page Manga needs an artist

Post by BillyPriest » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:37 am

My Project Nemuru post got no attention so I reposted it here thinking its in the wrong section.
Project Nemuru is my project featuring my character Nemuru and short stories of his life.
The each manga will tell short story and be about ten pages. I call it Mini-Manga.

I have posted this as Jasonpick on other sites but I put my real name on here.
Project Nemuru try purpose is to showcase many artists different styles.
I'll be the writer so you don't need to use your own or anything.

Nemuru the character explained
Green hair, teen ager, and has silver eye.
He lives in a world of zombies and humans but they peacefully co-exist since the war ended.
Email at Jasonpick95@gmail.com if interested or want to learn more or both.

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