Another story

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Another story

Post by austinino12 » Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:26 pm

So a little while back during summer school my friend and I came up with story that we wanted to turn into a manga, sadly neither of us can draw. So I was curious what you guys though about it. And we are also looking for an artist because we wanted to see it turned into a Manga.

The story is called Circus Roo and the first setting is the 1800s in england.
The story follows a young Boy who is the son of a respected Noble. Except this boy hates his life, he wants to go out and see the world and have adventures. The problem is his father is strict and doesn't want his sons actions to reflect on him. One day when the young boy sneaks out of his house he come across a poster for a travelling circus. The boy is intreaged as he has never been to a circus before and goes to see the show. After the show the boy is amazed and begins to dream of joining the circus. The boy runs away from home and joins the circus under the stage name Roo, Roo teams up with a young girl named Kanga and they form the acrobatic team KangaRoo. The story revolves around the travels of the boy and the circus. With adventures and tragedies along the way.

Now we would really love to turn this series into a manga. So if an artists wishes to work on this series with me I would love to see some artwork.
If you'd like to work on it please email me at


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