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hollow earth.jpg
this is "Birth" ! (not exactly just an exemple )
hollow earth.jpg (12.59 KiB) Viewed 43570 times
IN 2023 the Earth is ravaged by pollution and natural disasters, a team of scientists are sidelined in a space station orbiting Earth. They aim to recreate the earth inside of it, they are sworn not to tell anyone. A year passed, humanity on Earth is zero, Antarctica and the North Pole melted Have they been replaced by two entrances from inside the Earth. The researchers will then make a new humanity, they will make the most livable inner earth possible by adding an artificial sky with an artificial Sun made ​​based on a White Dwarf. 30 years later, three generations we succeeded the first, Tyler a young man of 19 years lives life on Earth Called "Birth" (because that is where humanity is born).
Tyler will continue his life with new gangs formed and will especially want to know more about this organization that governs "Birth" he will have to risk his life to discover what lies behind this mysterious land and its government. Is he going to succeed to discover the truth? What adventures await? That will make him the famous gover

Note: I made a few small corrections. --Ceta
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