Need feedback for a manga idea

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Need feedback for a manga idea

Post by dcgride2929 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:37 pm

What's up?

I've been drawing manga privately, i.e. for myself, for 14 years now, but until now, I have never had the opportunity to get really serious about my works.

I draw mostly manga pictures and stories, currently using Manga Studio 5 EX on a convertible tablet-laptop that sits on an Air-Desk.

I have had this :idea: swimming in my head for the past couple months.

It is a manga story I'd like to draw.

Here is a brief description:

Title: Changing Stiles

Storyline: On the verge of graduating high school without a boyfriend, detached artist Fancy Stiles has a humiliating first date with the man of her dreams, so she uses a magic pen which changes her into her exact opposite, lively, sociable, and charming, and then tries again, with the result of impressing her date the second time. But when her principal threatens to expel her for what she did as her opposite self, she must learn to believe in her true strength -- before she loses her dream date, her chance to graduate, and her identity -- in order to stop her deceptive, possessive and destructive alter-ego from killing her true self entirely.

Now, I'd like to post some questions in order to get to know you better, and receive feedback from real people like you, so I can get a better idea on how to go forward. You may answer them on your own time, and take your time. I'm in no rush. And, yes, I realize some of you may be in a rush, so you don't have to answer all of them at once if you so choose.

So here goes:
1. Do you read manga?
1a. If so, where do you find them?
1b. If so, what about them do you like?
2. Do you read manga ebooks?
2a. If so, in what locations do you like to read them? On which devices?
3. What feelings do your favorite stories evoke in you?
4. What feelings, if any, does the storyline above evoke in you? Does it make you want to know more?
5. Do you buy books and/or books?
5a. If so, where do you buy them?
6. Based on the above storyline, would you buy this story?
6a. If not, would you view it as a free webcomic or free ebook?
7. Do you give feedback on webcomics often? How about ebooks?
8. Do you find customer surveys helpful or not?
9. What kind of support would you expect from me as author of this story, to you as a reader?
10. Are you influenced by advertisements on the web?
10a. If so, what about them would influence you to check out my story? What would I need to exclude?
11. Do you visit social media sites?
12. Do you visit webcomic hosting sites like, webcomics nation, etc?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and feedback!

D. Grider

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