Search manga artist for working together (scriptwriter)

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Search manga artist for working together (scriptwriter)

Post by Igor-pabo » Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:45 pm

Hello my name is Igor I'am 22 years old. I already 6 years writing scripts I try improve myself everyday I proud that I finally made many scripts and even got some writing jobs but I think its only beginning. I was writing movie scripts, manga , visual novel. This days doing script for Russian visual novel. I was working with 2 really good painters but all of them was saying same they want work with me but don't have time and ask me wait till later. I understand them they good persons but they want work for get much money right now than work hard and find way to get money from manga projects. That's why I want find manga artist who wants work hard together for make great manga and get job. I writing in different genres my favorite psychological thrillers. I really crazy on writing scripts from childhood. I made annoyed many people to tell them stories that made while was little kid. For long time I didn't think anything about future that I want to have. But 6 years ago I started feel how much I want to be greatest script writer in the world and I see I have talent I need just work hard and read manyyy books to improve my language style. So 6 years I working at myself and making scripts. I didn't translate much scripts from Russian to English but I have 1 new script that I translated during summer. I am okey to discuss my works with artist and listen their opinion. Because its important to love story that you make and feel it like its real. Okey... I can long talk about my script passion, so I hope there is artist who wants work together. But pls send me message if you really want work hard and long time. Because I had long story and many projects that wasn't finished. I after few months will go live in Korea so will be busy 1 month but after I will be again ready work hard and believe me on script I work hard. Writing scenario is very important part of my life. Thank you for your attention! Hope people who read this wasn't bored while read it :wink:

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Re: Search manga artist for working together (scriptwriter)

Post by Ceta » Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:10 pm

The best suggestion I can give you at the moment is that you post up a request in the Advertisements section with the details of one of the stories that you're ready to start working on. You don't need to give any in-depth information or anything like that; just the information that the artist needs to know. For instance, the type of story it'll be (including a brief summary helps), the update schedule you're hoping for, what kind of drawing style you're looking for, whether the project will be paid or not, etc.

Also, while I don't mean to offend, I would highly suggest getting someone to proofread your scripts to make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Since it looks to me that your first language is not English, you should definitely look into having someone check your work first.

Best of luck to you. ^_^

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Re: Search manga artist for working together (scriptwriter)

Post by g-kid » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:03 pm

Hello Igor,

My name is Bibi. I live in one of the country in south east asia. But I've ever lived in US for some years so we can talk in English:).

I have interest in becoming partner with a scriptwriter. However, I'm just an amateur. I would like to send you my recent works, if you are interested; could you send me your email address?

I also would like to read sample of your works, if I may.

alright, Igor. I'd be looking forward to your response. Thanks.


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