Story Idea*subject to change*

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Story Idea*subject to change*

Post by Aero » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:54 am

Hi guys just wanted to share my story ideas and see if what I have so far is good.

The manga begins with a guy running down the subway steps of the entrance at night. He just missed the last train. He sits on the bench and rest his head on the wall behind him. He closes his eyes after awhile he hears a noise. It was another train running down the track and the train pulls up and stops. The doors open and he sees a girl entering. He stands up from where he was and walk toward the train. The train operator asks him if he wish to board. He was hesitant at first but board it anyway thinking that it would take him to the terminal and from there he could get home. The doors of the train closes and it start to take off. He felt a jolt and fell into a seat. He looks around to notice that he and the girl from earlier are the only people on the train. The train pass a few stops already and the girl still haven't gotten off. The awkward silence was getting to him. He tries to strike up a conversation but before he was able to say something the girl told him he shouldn't have gotten on the train and that at the next stop he should get off immediately. The train pulls up to the stop and the doors slide opens. Before getting off he takes a quick glance at the strange girl. The door closes and the train leaves. The next morning he wakes up late after hitting the snooze button multiple times. He hurries out the apartment building and dash to the subway. At work he keeps daydreaming about yesterday's night subway incident. He goes into the staff lunch room and prepare a coffee. He takes the coffee back to his office and shuts the door. When he wakes up he is seated in his office chair with the untouched coffee on top of his desk. "Sh**, I have to get these done. What the h3ll? Why am I always this tired? Oh well, gonna get all this cr@p done". He take the last sip from his coffee and he was done. He leaves his office and walk to the subway. He sees the same girl boarding and the train was the same. As he was about to board the train the girl told him "DO NOT BOARD THIS TRAIN". He moves her arms out of his way and boards the train telling her "Hey, I just need to take this train. Do you have some kind of problem with me?". He sits down and the train take off. "Is that why you're always tired?" she ask and suddenly his eyes gotten wider. "This is not any regular train. You need to get off quick" she continues. He sighs. "What's your deal? If you want me off why don't you make me?" he shouts. She stands up and walks over to him. She tries to smack him but her hand went through his head. "Argh! Now do you understand? Just get off!" she screams. He didn't know what to do but just to stare at here and his heart was racing as sweat form on his forehead..... to be continue sorry guys i had more but my mom is nagging me to go to sleep.. there will be the next part tomorrow. sorry about the grammar (past tense/present tense/ ect stuff like that confuse me since English isn't my strong points xD)


Re: Story Idea*subject to change*

Post by Tatsuya_Hitomi » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:10 pm

This is a thrilling story waiting to unfold...i really got into i cnt wait to hear the rest...but i notice that your story pretty fast to get to the was that your intiantion so that it'll be easy for others to read online or are planning to make it longer ...but maybe i should ask? long of a book do you want this to be...perhaps if i knew that i could be of some help...but other than that good job on drawing me into your story. =D> P.S what genre is this? :?

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