3d animation or web design

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3d animation or web design

Post by ryleighin » Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:15 pm

Web Design or 3D Animation? what should be my major in college? 3d animation or web design? which one is better? what are the pros and cons of web design and animation? time wise, money wise and health wise? and if you were me, which one would you choose and why.. thanks! appreciate the opinions....best answer gets 10 points!
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Re: 3d animation or web design

Post by Ceta » Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:41 pm

3D Animation, in my opinion, is the better way to go. Although the competition is pretty fierce for both, I think you have a better chance of getting a fairly stable job as an animator over a Web Designer. Not to say that you can't get a stable job doing Web Design, mind you, but the possibility you will be working freelance for a while until you're able to get a stable position or get enough clientele to start your own company will be very high. The reason: pretty much anybody and their grandmother can study a little HTML, put together a crap webpage and say they're a designer. Kinda waters down the title in a bad way. Animators, on the other hand, have far better career opportunities but will have to work themselves to the bone in school. In the end, though, it'll totally be worth it if you make something awesome in the end.

Hope that helps. ^^

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