New One Shot: Grimm

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New One Shot: Grimm

Post by SUUUPPPAAA » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:15 am

Now, after finishing my first one shot ( which everyone should read and give me super feedback on! :D) I decided to start drawing out my next idea which hopefully advances my skills even further. Now I will give a brief synopsis of this new story:

Grimm is about... you guessed it.... the man character, named Grimm Messorem. Taking place in modern day London, when young, average college student, Elspeth "Ellie" Vangard returns home from classes, she walks in on her father having just killed her mother in cold blood. She escapes her father only to run into another attacker with the same, zombie like disposition as her father. Upon being attacked she is saved by Grimm, a blind, detective looking person.

World - The world is the one we now live in but with the added perk of people with high spiritual awareness. For the sake of the one shot, it will be staying in the real world.

Enemy - The main baddie is the vengeful spirit of Jack the Ripper. There will be certain levels of power a spirit can reach. I haven't thought out the levels just yet but it will range from the lowest, being a Ghoul as the lowest to being a Spectre as the highest. The higher up you get the more people you can possess, kill etc...

Grimm's job is to traffic vengeful spirits down to hell for the devil himself. This has given him the reputation as "Grimm the Reaper" (see what I did there?) among the spirits who roam the Earth.

I have more things in my head that I'm not writing but I still need to compile the ideas into a solid one and then into pages and so on, BUT for now, enjoy this as the first color of this new idea! Feedback would be wonderful if you could fellow artists and writers! :D Thank you!


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