what exactly are game mods

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what exactly are game mods

Post by sarianza » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:17 am

How exactly do game mods work? Specifically, mods for Skyrim (PC). I'm new to PC gaming if you couldn't tell. But, what exactly are game mods and how do they work? Do they apply to current save files started before the mod was downloaded? Can they cause problems with the game? Any help is appreciated!
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Re: what exactly are game mods

Post by Ceta » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:01 am

Game mods are modifications to the game, such as changing the character skins (the appearance of the characters), levels, etc. For those who make mods, very often you can download what they make, but only if they are the kind of person to allow for it. If they don't you can try to make stuff on your own. Each game has set specifications on what you can load into it, so you'll need to look them up before you start. Sadly, this is about as far as I can assist. While I have used mods, I have never owned a computer powerful enough to allow me to make my own. What kind of program you need to make the models/levels or where you can find the necessary build information, I have no idea. However, I'm sure if you search Google using the words "Skyrim mod community" (or whatever game you decide to make/use mods for) you'll be able to find something.

Good luck!

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